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Woodland Park Window Replacement In Columbus, Ohio

Last updated on 11/15/2019

Woodland Park window replacement is something that those who have a newer home might not think they need. After all, the Columbus windows installed in your house should have had some of the latest technologies and features included at the time they were created. However, one thing to think about is that some construction companies that specialize in building homes might not use the highest quality of glass in their window products. This means that undergoing a Woodland Park window replacement project may give you quite a large number of benefits, as you'll be swapping out lower quality materials.

This doesn't mean that the contractors who built your home were necessarily trying to give you a poor deal on the window set in your home. What the company probably was trying to do is to make your home fit within a certain price range, and one of the ways to save some money on new construction is to use some types of products and materials that are a little lower in quality. However, you can fix the problem by going with replacement products and multiple panes of glass in your new window frames. In Ohio winter conditions, replacement frames will undoubtedly give you great results.

Keeping Your Home Warmer

One of the best reasons to choose to do a Woodland Park window replacement is so that you can help your home to feel warmer in the winter. If you have old glass and a lack of insulation in the current window frames in your Woodland Park home, there's a reasonably good chance that you can feel cold drafts around the frames when you're standing inside your residence. Obviously, this is an uncomfortable feeling that people want to avoid. When you install a replacement frame, your installer is going to increase the amount of insulation in the frames, preventing drafts.

Not only will the inside of your house feel better after you've placed replacement frames and new glass at your residence, but you'll also find that your heating bills will be lower, as your furnace won't have to work as hard in the winter to keep the house warm and comfortable. There's plenty of statistical data that shows how much your home's heating bills will be cut once you've installed Woodland Park window replacement products, especially if your current home has only single pane glass. Even some newer homes had single pane glass installed originally.

Choosing Window Frames in OH

Because Woodland Park is a neighborhood of a large metro area, you'll have dozens of suppliers of Woodland Park window replacement products who will provide service for you. Residents of Woodland Park know their neighborhood is mostly a residential area, which means that finding companies that will compete for your business in Woodland Park should be pretty easy. Woodland Park is bordered by Taylor Avenue, Maryland Avenue, East Broad Street, and Nelson Road, and Interstate 670 is just to the north of Woodland Park, too, providing easy access to all of Columbus.

When you're going to have Ohio replacement products installed at your home, you may want to do the work on your own, or you may want to hire an installer. With your Woodland Park window replacement work, you'll probably have better luck hiring a professional to place the new window materials into the frames. Although you can do this type of replacement work on your own, it can be a tricky procedure for someone who's new to the process. Make sure you have a bit of help available, just in case you end up with some especially heavy frames.

Dealing With Winter Conditions

One good reason to choose to do a Woodland Park window replacement in OH is because the winters here can have stretches that are pretty cold from time to time. If you end up with older glass in your home, you'll feel the cold air from outdoors leaking through the glass. By going with multiple panes in the new Woodland Park window replacement products, you'll be better insulated from the cold air, because the single piece of glass allows cold air to pass more easily through to the indoors, which can make the inside of your house cold.

When you select Woodland Park window replacement products, you're going to find two or three panes of glass inside each frame. Not surprisingly, you're going to simply receive better insulation from having multiple panes of glass inside each frame, but you're also going to have another benefit. With these types of products, you're going to also receive an inert gas that's placed between each of the panes. This inert gas, such as argon, hinders the movement of air between the panes, which means that the temperature inside the house will stay warmer.

The Best U-Factor and SHGC for Energy Efficient Woodland Park Replacement Windows

When shopping for replacement windows in Woodland Park, an area in Columbus, it is extremely important to purchase windows (and doors) with the correct u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) as rated by Energy Star.

Energy Star determines the u-factor and SHGC that will give you the most energy efficienct replacement windows, skylights, and doors based on Woodland Park's climate zone.

The climate zone assigned to Woodland Park and the zip codes within it - including zip codes '' - takes into account how extreme the seasons are in Woodland Park . How warm and cold it gets in Columbus determines how well your new windows will need to keep out the cold air and the hot sun.

Below, you will find a table with the climate zones and corresponding u-factor and SHGC ratings for Woodland Park, your neighbohood within the city of Columbus

The climate zone, u-factor and SHGC listed for your zip code and town in the Columbus, area will help you to determine which replacement windows, skylights, and doors will maximize energy savings for your home.

To find the Energy Star recommended u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for your home in the , area, simply do the following:

  1. Find your neighborhood and zip code in the left most column.
  2. Find your climate zone in the orange box to the right of the column with your neighborhood's name and zip code.
  3. Under the orange box with your climate zone, find the dark grey box with the product you are looking for - window replacements, new doors, or skylights.
  4. Under the product type, you will find the best u-factor and shgc as determined by Energy Star.
  5. When getting quotes from contractors, be sure that your window replacements, new skylights, and/or replacement doors have these ratings to maximize energy efficiency in your home.

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