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Wood Window

Wood window frames have been used for centuries. They can provide a beautiful and aesthetic look to any home and add that curb appeal that your house may be missing. Although there are several other options to consider, including vinyl replacement windows, metals and synthetics, wood remains one of the most popular materials for window frame construction.

If you are tired of coming home to a house that is missing that ‘wow' factor, then you might be considering a number of home renovation projects to help boost your home's value and appeal. One of the best options is replacing your windows. You can add several thousands of dollars to the resale value of your home, boost your home's curb appeal and even save a small fortune on energy and installation costs with the various government incentives currently in place. A window replacement is a lot more attainable and affordable than you may have initially thought.

Benefits to Wood Frames

One of the biggest benefits to wood frames when doing window glass repair is the amount you will save on your heating and cooling costs. Due to its inherent insulating qualities, timber frames deliver exceptional thermal performance which means, in combination with a high R-value glass structure, you will be able to significantly reduce your electricity bill year after year.

Another benefit to opting for wood windows is that they allow you to paint over them when you decide to change the color of your home. Your home will need to be repainted every few years and many people choose to change the color and style of their home. With wood window frames, you can let your creative energy flow. Match your light green exterior with a dark green window trim and fascia. Add a hint of boldness to a beige exterior with deep red wood frames. You can tint, dye and paint any color you see fit.

Your interior décor will also benefit from the traditional elegance that a wood window frame can offer. If you are looking for a light and airy feel, then try a wood window frame in white or almond to complement the brightness of a kitchen or dining room. If you want a darker feel, then opt for a chocolate frame to complete the deep reds and dark hues in your dining room. Wood window frames look great in every room of the house and provide your home with a traditional yet graceful atmosphere. Furthermore, timber frames also tend to provide a cozier environment, perfect for those cool winter evenings snuggling around the fire.

Alternative Options to Consider

When looking into any replacement, you will obviously consider not only the wood window frame but also a glass replacement. Your frame will normally make up a quarter of the window's structure so it is important that you select a window frame that is thermally nonconductive in order for the entire window to be considered energy efficient. However, be sure to also look into the different glass options including single pane, double pane and triple pane glass. Consider where you live when determining the right option. Do you live in a cold northern state or a hot southern state? Do you live near a highway, freeway or airport? Do you have loud neighbors or live in a high crime area?

It is important to consider that, while wood window frames have several pros, there are also a lot of other great choices. Vinyl replacement windows tend to be more affordable and also offer an easier way to maintain your windows. Wood windows tend to rot, shrink and swell with the damage from water and sunlight. You may also need to paint over your wood window frames to keep them looking fresh. With vinyl replacement windows, however, there is literally no maintenance involved. They are durable and resistant to the daily wear and tear and weather damage. They are also scratch and dent free perfect for a house filled with energetic kids or excited dogs.

Window Contractors and Cost

When you are looking into frames for your windows and a replacement contractor, be sure to always check that the company you choose is certified and licensed. Most contractors use materials that qualify for the Energy Star incentive, a government sponsored program that offers a tax savings and money back for the installation of your windows during tax time. What this means is that not only will you be offered an energy savings when you replace your windows, but you will also be offered a tax savings.

Wood window installation and replacement is not something you should do without doing your research first. There are several different options when which is why it is so important to compare the different materials, styles, costs and contractors to find the best fit for your home.