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Wood Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Wood replacement windows are a classic method of dealing with replacing windows. It helps you keep the look of wood while at the same time addressing the inadequacies or the simple age of the old units. New wood window replacement units are more energy efficient than their predecessors, offering significant energy savings versus those of the previous generation. Wood window replacement offers tremendous stylistic advantages over vinyl and has begun catching up in terms of weather resistance and long term durability. The cost of producing these windows depends on quite a few factors. Saving money on a batch sure wouldn't hurt.

Why Wood Windows?

Wooden windows are one of the most popular options when it comes to a home window replacement. However, they are not the only option. While wooden windows can create that dramatic edge, they also tend to be on the more expensive side. Furthermore, there is always the chance of rotting or deterioration when it comes to timber frames. Consider where you live when deciding if wooden windows are right for you. You might want to consider vinyl replacement windows, which offer a cheaper alternative to timber frames. Vinyl replacement windows are durable and resistant to the daily wear and tear and weather damage. They are also scratch and dent free perfect for a house filled with energetic kids or excited dogs. However, it is important to weigh the various pros and cons when determining whether wood, vinyl or another material is most suitable for your home.

One of the biggest reasons to consider wooden window frames for your home is that they can enhance the beauty of any home. Regardless of whether you live in a four story Victorian home or a two bedroom rancher, wooden windows can complement your decor and add value to your home. In fact, with a timber frame window replacement, you could increase the value of your home by several thousands of dollars. If you are considering selling in the near future, this is one way to boost your sale price and add much needed curb appeal in a stiff real estate market.

Furthermore, wood frames come in a number of colors and designs, from white to almond, from rose to chocolate brown. You can pick and choose any color to match the exterior and interior of your home. Furthermore, unlike some of its competitors, wood frames can easily be painted over and over again. When you decide to paint the color of your home, you can easily match the frames to the walls. This is especially helpful for home owners that like to switch it up every so often. You can easily convert your beige office with green wooden frames into a pink nursery with matching white timber frames without any complications. Then, a few years later, you can transform your Princess themed room into a blue and green Ocean Wonder for the arrival of your little boy.

Why Wood Windows are a Good Choice

Consumers have been misinformed about the way that wooden replacement windows will affect them, and their homes. If you think that you are going to have to deal with low energy efficiency, and high energy bills, this is not true of all wooden replacement windows. You need to judge each product on its own merit.

If you look at one home that has wooden windows and a home that does not, you will probably notice that the home that has the wooden windows looks better than the other home. Wooden replacement windows will allow your home to stand out, and to look beautiful. These replacement products are especially good for older homes or country style homes. You should not be afraid of getting the look that you want because someone has scared you away from wood for your replacement project.

Wood is actually a good insulator. Many times wooden replacement windows can outperform vinyl and other materials when tested to see how they stood up to the elements. This all depends on the replacement that you choose, of course.

Those of you that are interested in helping the environment should look into these wooden replacement windows. These windows that you have used for your replacement are green since they are biodegradable. Wooden products are often the best to choose when you want to ensure that you are being green.

You have probably heard that you are not going to be able to keep wooden windows properly maintained, or that it would take a great amount of work. Many people go so far as to say they would not use them as a replacement because they would not last long. The truth is that many of these products have lasted for centuries whenever they were taken proper care of.

Whenever you have wooden replacement windows, you will have to make sure that you regularly put a good coat of paint or stain on them. Doing this will enable them to stay young and fresh. You also need to oil the tracks and look at the latches regularly to ensure that everything is still working properly.

Securing Your Home

Whether you choose to install your replacement windows by yourself or choose to have a professional contractor handle the job, you will be glad that you made the investment. It will greatly increase the value and security of your home. If you take extra measures to ensure that your doors are locked and secure, you should do the same with your window fixtures. Home intruders often enter homes through window frames because they are commonly unlocked and easy to breach. But, replacement wood windows are equipped with durable and strong locking mechanisms that will add much security to your windows. They can protect your home from intruders and burglars but they can also safeguard your residence from pests, rodents, and termites. Old windows are often rotted and deteriorated from such pest infestations. Installing replacement fixtures will keep these intruders out of your house.

Replacement wood windows are a great investment to make. Whether you are selling your homer or plan on living there for the foreseeable future you will greatly enjoy the investment that you made into this smart home improvement project.

When to Replace Your Windows

Some people are not sure whether they need to do a home improvement project now or wait until later. If you start replacing products in your home too soon, you are just wasting your money. There are a few major signs that will let you know whether or not you need to replace any window in your home.

If you go through your home testing movement of each window, and you find out that many of them stick, are difficult to open, and generally not functioning properly, this could mean that you need to start looking for some products for your home. If you can feel air leaking in or out through a window, you should definitely replace that window. Condensation or fogging in between or on the the glass is another sign that you may need to start replacing one window or more in your home.

Sometimes you may not even need to think about replacing a window, and still you want to do it. If a window in your home is out of date and causing your home to look out of date and drab, you could replace it. Chipped, deteriorating, water stained products can make your home look as if it is going down hill. Replacing a window or more than one window in your home is a quick and easy way to give your home a face lift.

Once you decide that you are ready to start your project, you need to make sure that you find the best product at the best price. The only way that you can do this is to compare different companies that are selling these products, and see what is available. Once you find the right product for you, look for that product at the best price.

Having a professional to help you with the challenges of a wooden replacement windows project is always a good idea. Unless you have extensive experience with a project of this size, I would not recommend that you do it yourself. Many people find out half way through their project that they need additional help. You can save yourself time and money by contacting a professional that will be more than willing to help you with your project.

Advantages of Wood Windows

As opposed to vinyl, wood is all natural, and demonstrates as much in the way it looks on a home. While vinyl is obviously artificial and presents itself as almost shiny, wood window replacement is rugged and natural and very beautiful. Granted it does cost more to buy wooden windows, but when you see them installed on a home, you will know where that extra money went. Replacement jobs calling for wooded materials are not as common as they used to be and the market share for these windows has declined. But there is no reason to think it will disappear entirely. It just appears to be gradually changing into a specialized niche market for higher end window replacement application.

And this may not be all bad news for those who love the look and even the feel of wood in their windows. As a niche in the industry, the products that get produced will not be getting mass produced, which means manufacturers can pay more attention to detail and more quality control. Homeowners who are interested in wood replacement units obviously are not typically consumers who are seeking out the very cheapest price around. They are interested in quality as well, and this serves the industry beautifully.

There are many advantages to using wood to replace your old window. If you are preparing for a wooden window replacement, consider replacing the old window with new wooden designs. Wood is a natural insulator. If you feel a wooden window in the wintertime, you will note that it is room temperature even if there is a blizzard outdoors. Wood is also beautiful and will maintain its beauty for many years if taken care of. Replacing windows with wood will increase the value of your home as well, since wood is more expensive than vinyl or metal.

The best advantage of today's replacement products, are the wide variety of styles to choose from. You can choose from an array of colors or natural looks. You can paint, clear coat, or even stain a wooden window to give it more character and draw out the natural wood grain. There is no doubt that you will love the look of your new wooden window replacement as well as appreciating the money it will save you on your heating and electrical bills.

Benefits to Wood Frames

One of the biggest benefits to wood frames when doing window glass repair is the amount you will save on your heating and cooling costs. Due to its inherent insulating qualities, timber frames deliver exceptional thermal performance which means, in combination with a high R-value glass structure, you will be able to significantly reduce your electricity bill year after year.

Another benefit to opting for wood windows is that they allow you to paint over them when you decide to change the color of your home. Your home will need to be repainted every few years and many people choose to change the color and style of their home. With wood window frames, you can let your creative energy flow. Match your light green exterior with a dark green window trim and fascia. Add a hint of boldness to a beige exterior with deep red wood frames. You can tint, dye and paint any color you see fit.

Your interior decor will also benefit from the traditional elegance that a wood window frame can offer. If you are looking for a light and airy feel, then try a wood window frame in white or almond to complement the brightness of a kitchen or dining room. If you want a darker feel, then opt for a chocolate frame to complete the deep reds and dark hues in your dining room. Wood window frames look great in every room of the house and provide your home with a traditional yet graceful atmosphere. Furthermore, timber frames also tend to provide a cozier environment, perfect for those cool winter evenings snuggling around the fire.

Compare Wood Window Contractors and Cost

When you are looking into frames for your windows and a replacement contractor, be sure to always check that the company you choose is certified and licensed. Most contractors use materials that qualify for the Energy Star incentive, a government sponsored program that offers a tax savings and money back for the installation of your windows during tax time. What this means is that not only will you be offered an energy savings when you replace your windows, but you will also be offered a tax savings.

Wood window installation and replacement is not something you should do without doing your research first. There are several different options when which is why it is so important to compare the different materials, styles, costs and contractors to find the best fit for your home.

Wooden windows, in conjunction with a new glass replacement, will provide your home with a whole new look and a whole new feel. You will benefit from the comfort and class that wooden window frames can provide. Give your dining room that dramatic dark edge to complement the chocolate brown furniture or spruce up your kitchen with almond timber frames that let the bright sunshine into your home. There are so many different designs and styles when it comes to wooden window frames that you can find the right style to suit your personality.

Be sure to compare the various costs, materials and colors when looking into any window replacement. As mentioned above, wooden windows are one of the most popular choices out there but they are not suited for every home. Furthermore, every single contractor is different which is why it is so important to check their licensing and credentials before accepting any quote. Your windows are the eyes to your home - be confident that you are choosing the right design and style for your needs by comparing the various options out there.

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a builder or contractor to help you put in your wood replacement windows. You'll want to find someone who has experience working with wood and installing any type of windows. You might also consider contacting former customers to see if they're pleased with the quality and level of work provided to them by the contractor they've chosen to hire. You can find estimates from a number of different contractors in your area. You can narrow them down based on the budget you anticipate for the project.

Once you've found a few good contractors, you want to consider the benefits of having a contractor help you with your wood replacement windows. You won't have to purchase any tools needed for the job, because the professional will already have them in their possession. You won't have to worry about making mistakes that could cost you more money to fix in the long run. If you don't have the proper experience, you'll really want to consider this as an option. You can speak to the potential contractor directly to find out if you want to do business with them.

The Cost of Replacing Windows

As a window type, wood window replacement is among the priciest of all material types. There are a number of reasons for this. Chief among them all is the simple fact that it has to be harvested rather than simply produced from manmade materials. The cost of replacing windows as a general rule tends to vary greatly as a result of factors like replacement window sizes, of course, and it is irresponsible to come to any sweeping conclusions in a brief general information article. Smaller units may cost less unless they are being custom produced, in which case they will probably cost more. Wood window replacement will continue to get more expensive in all likelihood because of the increased trouble getting sustained access to sustainable forestry and because of the fact that its market share has shrunk and it is not out there in such quantities any longer.

Strange things that have nothing to do with the window also affect the cost of window replacing. For example, at some certain replacement job, there might be rotten studs in the framing holding up the old units. When they come out it is apparent that repairs are needed. This adds significantly to the cost of that install even though it had nothing to do with the item being installed. In fact the expense caused a delay which prevented the wood window replacement from even being completely. It is somewhat ironic when rotted wood prevents fresh wooden materials from being installed on homes.

To get the best price for wood replacement windows, you’ll want to compare the prices for them online. After answering a few questions about your desired replacing project, you’ll be able to get numbers from the biggest and best dealers and from the best brands in the industry. If you don’t yet know what those are, you might want to take some time to do the research on replacement cost and the best brands and value for your money. You’ll hopefully have your windows for a number of years to come, so you will want to make an informed decision.

Cost of Wooden Window Frames

Many people assume that wooden windows are simply too expensive. However, a window replacement is a lot more attainable and affordable than you have initially thought. And, with the government sponsored Energy Star incentive, installing timber window frames is even more affordable than ever before. The Energy Star program rewards home owners that do renovations to their home that are considered energy efficient, including installing new windows, replacing their hot water system with solar hot water or investing in insulation for their roof. All of these things can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs and thus help the environment. If you install any new window through a licensed contractor or window company, then you will receive tax credit back during your tax return. What this means is that not only will you be offered an energy savings when you replace your windows, but you will also be offered a tax savings.

Creating Energy Savings

Sometimes it is easier to replace something rather than maintaining it or double glazing windows season after season and year after year. The cost of replacing wood double hung windows might be softened with a more time saving, Energy Star version, such as vinyl replacement windows.

Actually, while vinyl is very low maintenance, you can still find that the natural properties of wood have value even decades after the first alternatives were manufactured. Wood continues to be used even today because it is easier to create custom made variets, for various types of architecture, whether triangular or octagonal, there is a window that can be created for the wood lover. Wood double hung windows are naturally good at insulating against heat and cold too. That is probably their most beloved characteristic.

In addition, another added plus is that wood double hung windows do require care and maintenance. Heck, that is a great excuse to change up the color scheme, livening a room up just by changing around paint colors. There are some maintenance factors, other than painting and re-staining that are of importance, though.

These special factors include when wood double hung windows get stuck. Or, also, when they come crashing down once you have opened them. This can be dangerous, if there is a fire, or if you have young children who are just starting to explore the home. You want to be able to escape by any opening if there is a hazard such as fire. In addition, you would not want a child -- or anyone -- to push a window up, put their head out and get whacked by a sash.

So, it is important to know how to fix and maintain these wood beauties. The wood variety of double hung does stick, sometimes because elements cause the wood to swell or shrink, and the paint to become gooey then re-set. In the case of a stuck window, a putty knife simple tapped with a hammer around the frames of your windows should loosen the paint, and unstick the windows. Double hung windows are also prone to crashing down.

This happens mostly when the pulley or rope within the jamb of the windows frays or had been cut. On old houses, early to mid-twentieth century or nineteenth century, the way double hung windows were raised and lowered was with pulleys that had an iron weight attached to regulate the lifting and lowering of the sash within the jamb. That was great until people would just overlook repairing the rope and pulley, instead opting to cut the rope. They would then get a set of blocks to keep the sashes open.

Save on Wood Window Replacement

Consumers who wish to carry on with the tradition of utilizing wooden windows on their homes can take the time to shop online and work to find the very best prices available. There are a number of different ways that people can use the online resources available to help them save. One of the best ways is to use this site to gather multiple quotes from leading companies in your home area. Getting some numbers together on the work you would like done means you never have t go in on it blindly.

It is always good to have some sense of the cost of things and a solid understanding of the way the market is shaking out. Getting with local companies on remodel projects not only helps you gather ideas but also helps you to decide if certain companies are really worth working with once it is time to get the project up and running. Shoppers who use the web as their starting point are at least never surprised by price increased and things of that nature because in most cases they could see them coming before they arrived.

Be prepared. Be astute. Pay attention to the market and participate. If you are interested in window replacement work on your home, get with a local wood window replacement specialist and hammer out some numbers to get the project up and running.

Wood double hung windows are a creature all their own. Or, they might feel like they are when something needs to be repaired, maintained, fixed, or otherwise jostled, painted or stained. It does seem like wood double hung windows do require more maintenance than their aluminum, vinyl or composite-based counterparts, because, well, they do.

That is part of their charm, and their pain. Wood double hung windows might also be something of an eyesore, or older and more decrepit, even with the most care and attention you can give them. This is especially true if the wood double hung windows face a part of the house or office that receives an extra dose of direct sunlight, moisture, or the like from the elements.

A Crash Course in the Workings of a Double Hung Sash

These pulleys work on a cord that sits inside the jamb. However, most people probably do not access the jamb to cut the cord. Now days it is more likely that the cord has worn out and just needs to be replaced. Another issue is that this material can literally last ages and across generations if well maintained. Well, actually the maintenance itself can create an issue for homeowners inheriting the home from previous generations.

For instance, again, prior generations thought nothing of painting and staining their double hung sashes, and the jambs that housed the pulley system. The layers of paint combined with the weather elements (heat and cold) create a type of glue when the paint or stain is layered onto the jamb. This can keep the pulley system out of sight, or just make it difficult to access to stop a sash from continuing to crash down when opened.

Wood double hung windows have some special considerations, although if treated right they will last over many lifetimes. Because they out age one owner to the next, they are more likely to need repairs rather than being replaced. Otherwise, it is a great idea to have a professional expert who can properly care for your double hung sashes to ensure they work properly and safely during your stay in your home or office space.

Maintaining Wood

If you choose wood for your replacement, you should know that you will need to perform maintenance on the wood to keep it looking beautiful. Most modern wooden designs require paint or sealing the interior, since exterior cladding is most often on the outside. You should repaint or reseal the interior wood every few years or anytime you start to notice chipping or pealing. If the paint is chipping or cracking, you should sand off the old paint before reapplying. This will give it a more finished look and also will prevent it from warping.

A wooden window replacement is one of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency and value of your home. You can do the replacement yourself, or hire a contractor to do it for you. Be sure to measure your window carefully before purchasing a new one, and choose Energy Star products for their tax benefits. Whatever design you choose, you will likely love the new look of a wooden window replacement.

Alternative Options to Consider

When looking into any replacement, you will obviously consider not only the wood window frame but also a glass replacement. Your frame will normally make up a quarter of the window's structure so it is important that you select a window frame that is thermally nonconductive in order for the entire window to be considered energy efficient. However, be sure to also look into the different glass options including single pane, double pane and triple pane glass. Consider where you live when determining the right option. Do you live in a cold northern state or a hot southern state? Do you live near a highway, freeway or airport? Do you have loud neighbors or live in a high crime area?

It is important to consider that, while wood window frames have several pros, there are also a lot of other great choices. Vinyl replacement windows tend to be more affordable and also offer an easier way to maintain your windows. Wood windows tend to rot, shrink and swell with the damage from water and sunlight. You may also need to paint over your wood window frames to keep them looking fresh. With vinyl replacement windows, however, there is literally no maintenance involved. They are durable and resistant to the daily wear and tear and weather damage. They are also scratch and dent free perfect for a house filled with energetic kids or excited dogs.

Why should you purchase wood replacement windows as opposed to other kinds of materials? If you buy vinyl, you’ll likely spend less money, but you won’t have the same look that you will with wood. Wood is beautiful and comes in many different tones. Depending on how the costs of replacement windows, you can pay for many different types of materials. You can have the frames custom made to look just how you want them to. You’ll be able to make your home look beautiful and add a lot of value to it

Before you purchase wood replacement windows, you’ll want to consider both the pros and cons of using this kind of material. While you’ll have the natural look, add a lot of value to your home, and have a sturdy kind of material that will last a number of years, there are also a few downfalls. If not properly installed, your wood replacement windows might collect condensation, and over time this can cause the wood to warp. It might not be as efficient once it has been damaged in this way. You might want to consider that when you consider hiring help for the job.

Why Replacement Windows?

You might not know whether or not wood replacement windows are a good idea yet. You might want to do some research to find out some of the signs of windows that need a replacement. If you’re noticing warping, drafts, or any condensation, it might be time to purchase new materials and install them in your home. You’ll be able to save money on utility bills this way. If you’re letting air in or out of your home, it will take more to cool or heat your home as necessary.

When you go to purchase wood replacement windows, you’ll want to make sure they are energy star rated. These will make sure that you are getting the most, environmentally, out of your windows. Even if you have trouble choosing what kind of wood you want for the frames, you’ll want to make sure that the glass panes are of this rating. You might even be able to get certain tax breaks for using environmentally friendly materials during your home renovation. You can find these things when you look for estimates online. No matter your budget, you can find the things that work for you.

Single, Double, or Triple Paned Replacement Windows