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Window Sill Replacements

Window sill replacements are newly fabricated sills to install in the interior or the exterior of the home. In many cases a window sill can rot out over time, leaving only soft, spongy wood as time goes by. This is especially true of exterior sills which see the weather day in and day out. But interior sill replacements are sometimes also necessary if a window has been leaking into the house. Water often sits on the sill when this happens, necessitating window sill replacements.

There are a great number of reasons why homeowners occasionally have to invest on window sill replacements or do the job themselves. Sometimes it is a necessity and sometimes they are just trying to update the interior or exterior of the home. And with replacement windows often comes the need for hand crafted window sill replacements. The carpentry skills of tradesmen get tested in this area because a discerning eye can tell if one ear extends further than the other, and the cutout has to be just the right width to fit snugly inside the jamb.

Cost of Replacing Window Sill

Window sill replacements, similar to window replacment screens, on the inside or outside of the house create interesting new visuals and alter the overall presentation of the unit. The cost of adding these details is very minimal. Depending on what species of wood is used and how much money is spent on paint, a few hundred dollars can do a houseful of windows. This is one of the drawbacks, really, of doing replacements like this: for the sake of continued uniformity, all the units in the house will have to be redone. The simplicity of leaving that picture frame style casing alone can be strong when you think of it that way.

But at any rate, the financial cost of window sill replacements should not really present any good reason not to do it. If anything, replacements provide a chance to update the window look for a very small price. These and other small architectural details give a home less of a cookie cutter feel and help the owners put their stamp on it. You can show a bit of personality with small design choices like these.

Decorative Interior Sills

Sometimes window sill replacements are done just to add a little extra detail on the inside of the house. Cutting in a nice ledge and painting or staining it to match the rest of the unit (or preferably, freshening up the coat on the remainder of it to brighten up the color and make it all look the same) gives an added impression of depth to the windows. Trimming them out in a picture frame pattern without any impression of depth tends to flatten out the entire wall and makes even new windows sort of disappear into the background. But even just a protrusion of an inch and a half adds so much depth that it really brings that wall to life in a pleasing way.

Tilted Sills for Water Runoff

The outside sill replacements can be installed and pitched downward away from the house to help shed water coming off the panes. This helps prevent any water traveling up and in to the seal at the bottom of the unit. Generally it is acceptable to create a deeper lip on the outside than on the inside of the house. Coming out several inches is acceptable, especially since some of that length will be lost in the downward angle of the sill. Window sills on the exterior look good when they are installed with care and painted with skill, but they and other parts of the unit have to be caulked in and sealed right to ward off the weather from getting into the home.

Window sill replacements are very low cost options that can add a lot of great detail to rooms in the house and to the outside architecture of the home as well. Details like this can dress up a simple design, but they must be executed well to add to the décor. If they are done choppily or installed improperly they will just look silly on the window bottom.

Replacements for rotted sills and work of that nature are generally just trying to recreate the former design before water rotted out the previous trim piece. This is an opportunity to learn a thing or two about replacements. After they are cut and test fitted, they should be remove and extra coats of paint applied. Exterior grade paint is recommended on the interior of the house because even if the unit functions fine, water still gets in with the windows open. Window sill replacements should be planned and executed in an intelligent way so that there is no need to ever do them again.