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Window Screen Replacements

Window screen replacements are very inexpensive and come in many styles to choose from. Whether you need to replace several in your home, or just one, you can find what you need by shopping online. Purchase a fully put together unit or the parts to make one yourself and have it shipped to your home. No matter what type of opening you have, window replacement screens are easy to install and very affordable - you can even find a window replacement video that will show you how to install them yourself. Shop online today and find window screen replacements that will be the perfect fit for your window.

Repairing a Screen

If you are waiting on your screens to be delivered and have a small hole that needs to be repaired in the meantime, you can easily patch it long enough to wait on the new window screen replacements. Remember, once the screens start to develop holes it is time to replace them. The patches are only a temporary solution. For small openings, you can use epoxy or clear calk to patch the hole. Simple spread enough in the opening to cover the hole and let dry.

For larger holes or tears, you can create a patch that will hold long enough for your new replacements to arrive. Cut a small section large enough to fit around the hole or tear with some room on each side. Take a few of the wires out around the patch and put them aside to be used later. Next, fold the wires around the patch at a ninety-degree angle. The easiest way to do this is to put it up against a countertop or board and fold the wires against it.

Put the patch into the old one by threading the bent wires through the old one around the hole. Bend the wires back against the screen on the backside and then use the wires you pulled out to sew it in place. This temporary fix will not be very pretty, but will keep the mosquitoes out of your home long enough to replace the whole unit.

Replacing a Screen

Replacements are very easy to do. You can purchase a fully assembled new unit and simply remove the old one from its tracks and replace it with the new one, or you can purchase the parts and supplies to build the window screen replacements you need. If you have standard sized windows, the full replacements are the best choice since they are so inexpensive.

For oversized windows or those with odd shapes, it might be best to build your own window screen replacements. Shop online for the necessary parts and supplies. There are several kits that are available that come with everything you need. If the opening is extremely large, you may have to special order the unit to allow you to get the correct size.

Before ordering replacements, measure the window carefully. A poorly fitting one will gap on the sides or the top and will not provide you with the protection you need. To get the measurements, first measure the height in three locations, right side, left side, and the center. Next, measure the width at the top, bottom, and the middle. Record the smallest measurement for each. Each material style has different replacements. For instance, a vinyl replacement will be different than an aluminum one. Be sure to order the appropriate one for your windows.

For those screens that are in an existing frame, you can easily replace it by removing the old spline and screen. You may want to replace the spline as well as the screens since they can begin to show wear and tear after a time and will not provide the best seal. Next, put the new screens in place and use a spline roller to put the new spline back into the channel against the new screens. Pop the screen back into place and you have a completed project.

The window screen replacements for every window will vary slightly in size. Be sure to measure each window separately to get a good fit. If you have aluminum designs, check the frames of the screen before you decide to purchase just the screens. Aluminum bends easily and the track may need to be replaced.

Window screen replacements are easy to install, cost effective, and will provide you with protection from flying critters while allowing you to let the fresh air into the home. If you have small holes, you can patch them temporarily while you wait on your window screen replacements to be delivered. Remember to measure the windows carefully in order to get the correct size replacements for what you need. No matter whether you are replacing the screens on a casement, double hung, or vertical window, you will find everything you need when you shop online and compare rates from the top providers of window screen replacements.