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Window Screen Frame

The Window Screen Frame secures the screen in place to keep bugs and leaves outside, leaving you comfortably (alone) inside your home. If the screen rips or tears, it is possible to replace just the portion that has given way, as long as it is only a few inches wide. The glass sitting behind this nifty device keeps the wind and elements outside. When the elements start to creep inside, it is time to consider getting a new window.

Evaluate Window Screen Frame with Checkups

Semi-annual routine maintenance is a good time to assess normal wear and tear on the frame and glass. It is also a chance to clean them to ensure a polished, clean view -- from within your home and to add to your home's curb appeal. Washing down your window, screen and frame ensures a nice sparkling shine.

You may notice flaws developing during these check ups. Over time, the frame, for instance, may bend, buckle, rot, or rust, depending on what material the frame is made of and its age. The glass may be sitting within a now-threadbare setting, allowing air and elements to escape your home. Then it may be time to replace the glass, whole window screen frame in addition to the actual screen.

You may even notice a perpetual breeze in your home. It is a good time to determine if vinyl can change your life, for the better. For one, it would seal up the leaks, allowing for greater money savings. Ancillary benefits to finding a new window screen frame and a new window to replace the old are nice, new, working locks, and noise reduction.

How Coatings, Panes and Heat Gain Improve Energy Savings

If buying full panes and screens is the best option for your vinyl window installation, it is important to know as much as possible about the products out there. Different aspects of a window can keep heat out, or keep heat inside, thus these features can be specific to different climates. Consider what makes the glass help your house maintain an even temperature -- is it double panes, double glazed, argon gas, low-emittance (low-e) glass, or some other insulation even?

Low-e is an invisible metallic coating that allows various degrees of the sun's light and heat through, depending on your heating and cooling needs, called solar gain. Double-pane halve heat loss from the insulation inherently provided via the space between the panes. Again, this is as compared to the insulation provided by a single pane of glass. Double-glazed have such a coating on double panes, to again cut heat loss with the same idea (insulation provided by space.)

How a New Window Screen Frame Can Save Money

In today's economic climate, it is important to evaluate all options, including whether the price of new is better than fixing the old. Sometimes getting an entirely new window, screen and frame is less costly than swapping out piecemeal. An added consideration is the savings of energy star options versus keeping the old, existing standard window and screen. While the old may be a little less energy efficient, it might be cost more when replacing your old window screen frame with fully new materials.

Get quotes to ensure pricing and a professional that meet your needs. This will help you make an educated decision about where to best invest your time and money. When repairing just the window screen frame does not make sense, consider vinyl replacement windows. Your old standby may be aluminum, single pane, wood frame. These were great materials, in their own time, though, new technology and better materials continue to improve products, efficiency while lowering costs.

Do make sure you find the expert who will perform proper installation while meeting your budget. Quality installation ensures your new product performs at its peak. Otherwise you could still experience expensive air leaks. Professionals can estimate your savings for swapping out your old window screen frame and panes with new vinyl or even fiberglass. They may conduct an energy audit to find out if there are air leaks, causing you to basically heat and cool your neighborhood.

The best part is that a professional will then determine whether you need full replacements, if a retrofit can be fit into your existing opening, or if you just need sashes replaced with a new sash kit. These options can help alleviate the financial stress of the unknown household project, and even offer alternatives to buying fully new setups.

The window screen frame is necessary in keeping you comfortable, though when any portion gives way, it is a good time to consider whether to buy new, or to repair what you already have. Now you know more about different kinds of glass panes too. Start by finding a good glass installation professional.