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Window Restoration

Window restoration can involve many things, including keeping your restoration in time with your old home. Typically it will involve some degree of restoration of wooden pulleys and even wooden casements. Stuck sashes, drafty units and damaged wood are the most common of problems even with vinyl storm windows, particularly in the older home, which have wood to make up every window.

Wood Window Restoration Keeps Costly Fixes Away

Luckily, wood is a sturdy material that can be restored time and time again, to last many lifetimes with proper care and attention. Wood requires some attention to its finish, whether stain or paint, because heat, moisture and cold all take their toll on the finish and the wood, if we allow it. Cracks develop over time, which are called checks.

Regular inspections of the external wood casings can help find any necessary window restoration projects early rather than when it is too late. Typically rainwater or snow, melting ice are drawn away from your house, and any moisture drips instead down off the sill. Ensure the window sill is fully supported in its efforts to drip water away from your home, by ensuring gutters are properly working. It is also necessary to ensure that the stain or paint is maintained as a barrier against weathering the wood. Cover wood for a week to one month to allow wood to dry out.

Then dust out and sand the wood on any checks and then fill it with liquid wood filler. Once it has dried, apply epoxy to fill in every check. Be sure to allow each layer of filler to dry prior to moving onto the next step. Then sand the surface, prime and paint to help the wood further maintain a barrier against the elements.

If, on the other hand, there is a mechanical problem with the window itself, window restoration often involves installing or maintenance of parts. This will help energy savings. This involves removing the sash from the frame, cleaning the frame and sash, making any necessary repairs, refinishing the sash and replacing it back into the frame. Once restoration on the sash and frame is complete, be sure to conduct regular checks and maintain paint and glazing on your window units.

Typically, sanding and refinishing your old wood units is all the restoration that is needed. This will solve the problem of stuck sashes. Specifically, you will probably want to remove the glass from the sash, which involves working the edge of the glass out of the sash. Pull out the old glazier's points that hold the glass panes in place, using a flat screwdriver. Wire-brush around the wood to clean it.

Repair any damaged areas of the sash with wood epoxy, like we did with the exterior sills and frames. Then apply primer, and let it dry. Sand the area until it is flush with the surface of the wood. Paint. Apply caulk where each pane sits in the sash, then insert panes. Insert glazier's points back into the sash and then glaze the panes, using a putty knife. This needs to be smooth , because it is where wood meets the pane. Replace the sash and tack stops in place with a hammer.

Fixing Wood Sashes at Home

When sashes slam down, an entirely separate restoration project is at hand, which involves installing a new rope or weight. This is true if you have lived in your old home for years, without problems leaving sashes up (without them slamming down).

If you are a relatively new owner of the old home, it is possible that the pulley rope has been cut, which would cause the sash to slam shut, rather than stay open. For added fun, the encasement is oftentimes painted shut. For many it was easier just to place a block under the sash to keep it open. This was to avoid the cost of replacement rope or weight for the pulley that regulated the sash. It might be good to have a seasoned window restoration expert assess the situation before tackling any projects, to avoid creating any damage.

If all else fails, you tire of the maintenance and restoration of the window involved with the upkeep of wooden casements and glass on an older home, consider the Energy Star options afforded by vinyl replacement windows. If the window restoration maintenance is too much, but you would like to keep with the home's original woodwork and window work, take it one step further. Contact an expert to ensure your older home receives excellent window restoration service.

Window restoration is a necessity, especially on older homes. The same characteristics that charm and mesmerize us about the older home, can also frustrate a homeowner. So, it is refreshing and settling to the nerves that expert window restoration specialists exist.