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Window Replacement

Last updated on 01/04/2022

A window replacement is the perfect way to update your home while saving money on heating and air conditioning costs at the same time. If there are casements in your home that are whistling when the wind blows, you may want to consider a window replacement. Windows are the primary source of heat loss during the winter. Fortunately, you may replace them a lot more economically than you might think. Fill out our easy to use form, and see how much money you may save by comparing online quotes and window replacement estimates from reputable suppliers. You will love the amount of window replacement choices that are available to fit almost any budget.

Replacing Windows

You can save a great deal of money on replacing windows if you do the replacements yourself. Even if you have never done one before, you will be surprised at how easy it is to replace one. Begin by removing the inside stops. If these are removed carefully you may reuse them. The next step is to remove the sashes by cutting through the nails. Once this is completed you will need to clean the frame of any debris such as glue or paint. You should now have a clean opening that you can put the new unit into.

The next step is to insulate the holes around the frame using expanding foam. Let the foam dry, usually 6-8 hours, then cut off the excess with a knife. While the foam is drying, you might want to cover the opening with plastic to keep the weather out. Once your foam has dried and you have removed any excess, you can check the new window by dry fitting it into the opening. If it fits, remove it and set it aside while you calk the inside edge and outside the window stops.

You are now ready to place the new window back into the opening and check for levelness and square. Measure diagonally from corner to corner on both sides to check the square. If the measurements match, it is square. If they do not, you will need to place shims in locations around it to make it so. Cut the shims off flush with the window using a utility knife. You can now add the inside stops that you saved earlier and calk around them. You have just performed your first window replacement. Sit back and enjoy your work!

Choosing a Replacement

There are many types of window replacement products on the market today. Which replacement you choose depends on your budget and the type you would like to have. Some think that the best replacement windows are vinyl. Vinyl is low maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. The paint of vinyl units is mixed into the vinyl at the factory so you will never need to worry about chipping or peeling. You will also never need to repaint vinyl as you will wood. The frames in a vinyl design work a lot like storm windows. They are hollow in order to trap air inside. The air acts as an insulator which makes them extremely energy efficient.

If you like wood, you will love the wooden window replacement options that are available online. You can choose from window replacement kits that any do it yourselfer can install, or you can choose a full frame window which will fit inside the rough frame opening. Wood is also an excellent replacement choice, because it is a natural insulator. If you have every felt a wooden frame when it is cold or hot outside, you will notice that the frame is room temperature. Wood will not conduct heat or cold like metal will.

The other considerations you will need to think about are whether you would like to choose a replacement that matches your current design, or if you would like to change the designs completely. Anytime you change the designs of the windows on a home, you will change the look of the home. This may be a good thing if you feel that your home is outdated and in need of a facelift. Whether you like your current style, or would like to change things, you will find what you need by shopping online and comparing quotes from reputable vendors.

A window replacement can provide you with excellent energy savings. If you choose Energy Star products, you may also qualify for a tax credit. You can save money on a window replacement if you do the work yourself rather than hiring a contractor. No matter whether you need to replace all of your windows or just do a window glass replacement project, you will love the available choices you can find online.

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