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Window Replacement Kits

Window replacement kits can be purchased for almost any type of opening you have. If you are a do it yourselfer, you can find a replacement kit that will not only save you money, but will come with a complete and easy to follow set of instructions allowing you to do your own replacement project and save hundreds of dollars on contractor costs. Shop online today and compare prices from the top providers of window replacement kits in your area. Whether you are replacing one unit, or several, you will find the kits that fit the needs you have as well as your budget.

Energy Savings

When you replace the windows in your home with new energy efficient designs, you will not only notice a difference in the cost of your heating and cooling bills, but may also qualify for a tax rebate. The government instituted a program called the Energy Star program that provides a tax incentive to homeowners to use energy efficient material for all of their home improvement projects.

When you shop for window replacement kits or window replacement hardware, ask for those that have the Energy Star emblem on them. This emblem tells you the unit is extremely energy efficient because it has passed the EPA standards in your area. This also means you will save even more money on the heating and cooling costs for your home. The EPA standards vary by region so be sure to request the proper designs for the area in which you live.

The energy efficiency rating of a window depends on several items. The u value, solar heat gain, and the air infiltration are three of the criteria that are most important. The U value, or U factor, is the measurement of the heat that passes through the window. If the U factor is low, the unit is considered to be insulated and thus more efficient.

The solar heat gain is the measurement of how much of the sun's solar energy passes through the glass. In this case, the correct amount of solar heat gain for the windows depends on the area in which they are being used. In colder climates, a higher solar heat gain is needed, while in warmer climates, the lower solar heat gain is more efficient.

The air infiltration is the measurement of the amount of air that passes through the frame. If a frame is drafty, the air infiltration is high and thus the unit is not very efficient. When the air infiltration is low, the unit is sealed properly and considered to be efficient.

Replacement Window Kits

Window replacement kits come in many styles and sizes. There are three basic types available, the sash, insert, and the full frame units. The sash kits are ideal when the windows just need a bit of a facelift. If the window is not drafty or letting in air, it may just need to have the moving parts replaced to make it more functional and beautiful. These sash kits are the perfect choice for this type of replacement.

An insert kit is one that is a full window, including the frame, that is made to fit inside the existing frame. In order to use these window replacement kits, you must have an existing frame that is square and level. The frame must also be in good shape with no damage. These window replacement kits will give you slightly less glass area than you had before because you are setting one frame inside the other.

The full frame replacement option is made to fit inside the rough opening of the old window. If the existing frames are damaged or rotted, these kits are the best option. To use this one, you will want to remove the old unit including the frame and clean the rough opening before you install the full frame replacement kit.

No matter what type of windows you plan to replace, there are kits that will not only make it easier, but will save you time and money when you do the work yourself. If you do plan to use a carpenter to do the work, you can still purchase window replacement kits online and then have the carpenter do the installation. To save money, you might want to consider doing the removals yourself and then allowing the contractor to just do the install.

Window replacement kits are the perfect solution for replacing windows that are standard sizes. No matter what type of material you want to use, you can find window replacement kits that are energy efficient, functional, and easy to install. You can choose from vinyl, wooden, aluminum, and even composite styles to match your existing windows. Remember to request Energy Star products for maximum savings and potential tax rebates.