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Window Replacement 101: Should I Replace All Windows At Once? (The Answer Is Yes)

Last updated on 02/13/2022

There are more than 139 million homes across America. Your home provides safety, comfort, and security for you and anyone else living in it. Because of this, looking after your home is vital.

Window replacement and maintenance are an essential part of your home's maintenance. Not only do your windows provide natural light and stunning views, but they also help to hold in heat. Damaged windows can quickly let energy out and potential thieves in.

So it is important that you don't wait around when it comes to replacing a window! That said, this can be an expensive part of home maintenance which is why a lot of people put off window repair.

Did you know though that replacing your windows in one go can have massive benefits for your home's security and your bank account? Read on to find out why!

What Does Window Replacement Involve?

Replacing your windows involves removing the old window insert along with its interior and exterior trims and frame. Each of these components is then replaced with a brand new one. This means that you can provide an old home with brand new windows very quickly!

So why is this so important?

Why Is It Important to Replace Windows?

Over time your home's windows can take a real bashing from the elements. Even with great care and window repair jobs, they will eventually need replacing after 10 years.

If you do not replace your windows, you'll find that your home loses heat or cool air very quickly in the winter and summer months. As a result, your energy bills will rapidly increase. In fact, losing heat or cool air via poorly maintained windows accounts for 30% of America's energy bills.

On top of this, your windows can have a big impact on your home's security.

Broken panes and poorly maintained frames will be much easier to break into and this could mean that you become a target for would-be thieves. This is the most common type of crime in the entire United States. Fortunately, keeping your windows in good shape help to keep you and your belongings safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

Wood Replacement Window Installation

The cost of your window replacement depends on the size of the windows you are replacing, the materials you are using, and the age of your home. Sliding windows and bay windows can also take longer to replace.

Window replacement can cost anything between $100 and $1,800, although the national average sits between $100 and $650. On top of this, you'll need to pay labor costs. These might be set for a day (or half-day) of work or they might be set per window.

This means that if your home has multiple windows in need of replacement things can really add up. Because of this, a lot of homeowners contemplate replacing one window at a time but this isn't always the best option. Let's take a look at why it's a good idea to replace all of your windows in one go.

Should I Replace All My Windows at Once?

Although it involves one large bill, it is best to replace all of your windows in one go if you can. There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, it will be quicker to replace all of your windows in one go. The company you choose will measure up and inspect all of the windows you are looking to replace in a morning or afternoon. Then, once the materials have arrived, they'll work through each window in turn.

The whole process of replacing your windows could take a matter of days. If you are paying for labor per day, this will result in a massive saving on labor costs.

Getting all of your windows replaced in one go is also much less invasive than having to get a company to come multiple times. So you can continue with your day-to-day life with minimal disruption.

On top of all this, you will reap the rewards of your new windows much more quickly if you get them done in one go.

Let's say, for example, your old windows are making your energy bills much more expensive. Replacing one window won't have much of an impact on this. In fact, you'll have to wait until the majority of your windows have been replaced before your energy bills start to drop again.

In comparison, getting all of your windows replaced in one go will have an impact almost immediately!

How Can I Prioritize Window Replacement?

If you're working with a tight budget you might not be able to replace all of your windows in one go. In that case, it's important to replace the windows in priority order. You can decide this by looking at which windows:

It is worth noting that replacing each of your windows over a longer period of time won't save you much money. It just means you won't have to pay all in one go.

This is because you will end up having to pay for each day that your window replacement company is working on your home. This will be less cost-effective than paying for a couple of days' labor to replace all of your windows. So if you can manage one larger window replacement payment this will be more cost-effective.

Get Help With Window Repairs and Replacements Today

If you are planning to replace your home's windows then it is best to do them all in one go. Taking care of your window replacement project in one go is the most cost-effective approach to take. It will also improve the efficiency of your home more quickly.

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