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Window Maintenance

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Window maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. Keeping your windows clean helps you make the most of your view, and it also helps them look great on the outside, adding curb appeal. When you purchase new windows and invest all that money into window replacement for your home, the issue of window replacement becomes even more critical. Help your window investment look newer longer. Keep them clean and looking as good as the day they were installed. Proper window maintenance is very important if you want to get the most life and the most enjoyment out of your purchase.

New Windows Need Routine Maintenance

Many people are under the mistaken impression that windows are completely maintenance free. Other than hitting the glass with some spray cleaner from time to time, they think that new windows do not have to be maintained at all. This belief is especially true with consumers who purchase aluminum or vinyl windows after having wood ones for many years.

It is very true that one of the great advantages associated with window replacement in aluminum or vinyl is the low maintenance aspect of it. Being able to know that you won't have to paint your windows every other year can be a great relief. But low maintenance and maintenance free are definitely not the same things. And homeowners need to be fully aware of that fact and that distinction.

Not only do wood windows need some love and attention from time to time, but so do all other materials. Even fiberglass windows need a good clean up to keep them working properly and functioning to their full ability. Doing proper maintenance on aluminum and vinyl windows is simple. Make sure you keep tracks and sills clean so that debris doesn't get caught in any mechanism. Lubricate them once a year and be mindful of the hardware and locks. They may need to be replaced eventually. Stay on top of these things and don't let them pile up, and you'll be much happier with your window replacement purchase and get more life out of your windows over time.

Get Out the Window Cleaner

And of course, a good spray down doesn't hurt them, either. Today's replacement windows are generally very easy to clean. The frame surface as well as the glass usually cleans up to a shine with a little window cleaner and some soft paper towel. But be careful of strong detergents and the solvents and abrasives they may contain. Stay away from these cleaners. With anything you use, test an inconspicuous area first and see how it works. Keeping your window clean over time will help them function better without all kinds of debris getting packed up and preventing them from fully opening or sealing shut.

The outside of the windows will need cleaning from time to time as well, especially if you have screens, which are like a filter for dirt particles in the air. Usually mild soap and water is all you need to get them shining like the day they were installed. Harsh chemical cleaners are too dangerous to the finish and even the glass surface.

While you're out cleaning up your windows, check the caulking around them and always keep an eye on it when you pass by in the yard, too. Make sure you keep up with the caulking to prevent leaks in inclement weather. Wood windows will need to be repainted or stained as often as required to protect them from the weather. Take care of your replacement windows, and they'll take care of you.

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