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Window Glass Replacement

Window glass replacement is a cost efficient way to increase your home's energy efficiency without having to worry about replacing all windows. If your home is an older model, you may find that replacing the window's pane will need to be done sooner rather than later. You can get window glass replacement estimates online and compare quotes for the best deals. Whether you are doing the replacement of a small pane, or a large picture window, you can easily find what you need by shopping online.

Energy Efficiency

Many older windows do not have the energy efficiency that new ones will come with. The energy efficiency rating is determined by the U value. The U value or U factor is the measurements of the amount of heat the moves through the unit. The lower the U value, the more efficient the unit is. You will also want a new windowpane that has the proper solar heat gain for your climate. Solar heat gain measures the amount of solar energy that is allowed to pass through a window. If you live in a higher climate, you will want the replacement to have a higher solar heat gain than you will in a warmer climate.

If you do replacements using Energy Star approved products, you may qualify for tax savings or a tax credit. This program was created to encourage homeowners to use energy efficient material when doing home improvements. Although Energy Star approved glass may be slightly higher in cost, you will likely recoup your costs on the savings you will see in your heating and air conditioning bills. In order for a window glass replacement to earn an Energy Star approval, it must meet certain criteria. Be sure to ask for quotes on these approved products when you are looking for window glass replacement material, as this can significantly affect the overall replacement windows cost.

Replacement of Windowpanes

The cost of a window glass replacement will be significantly reduced if you do the work yourself. Fortunately, the replacement is an easy project and can be accomplished quickly. If you are replacing a wooden pane that has cracked but not broken, you will first need to tape the window to keep it from shattering. Once it is taped, gently tap it with the end of a screwdriver or putty knife to break it. Carefully remove all of the pieces and dispose of them before proceeding.

The glass on a wooden window is sealed using putty. You will want to scrape off old putty and put a new strip in place. Putty can be rolled into a small rope to apply it. You will want to ensure that the putty is applied all the way around the pane without gaps. Be careful to use only what is needed, as you will have to scrape off the excess later. Put the replacement pane in against the putty and gently press it to ensure a good seal. Allow the putty to dry before scraping off the excess with a putty knife.

Metal replacements are accomplished slightly differently than wood. You will first want to slide out the aluminum frame. Be very careful not to bend the frame when you are working with it. If the windowpane is broken, but still in place, you will want to gently break the pane as you did with the other one, and remove it carefully. Be sure to dispose of it as soon as you remove it to prevent accidents. There is a rubber gasket around the window that acts as a seal. Remove the gasket. If it is in good condition, you can apply it to the new glass after you insert the glass back into the frame. Put the replacement glass in the frame, and put the gasket back in place.

Performing your own window glass replacement is not difficult, and will save you money on contractor costs. Be sure you measure the size of the window carefully before you order. If the windowpane is slightly larger than you need, you can have it cut to size at your local home improvement store, but it is much easier to order the correct size up front. No matter whether you are replacing the windowpane for wooden or aluminum windows, you can find what you need easily be shopping online.

Window glass replacement is the ideal solution for broken glass. You don't have to worry about purchasing an entire new unit if you simply have a broken pane. Be sure to get the proper sizes before ordering your window glass replacement, and ask for Energy Star approved products. You can save money on the installation costs if you do the work yourself rather than hiring a contractor. Shop online today, and find get quotes on your window glass replacement project. You will love the savings you will find.