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Window Frame Replacements

Window frame replacements are a low cost, less labor intensive alternative to full replacement windows. In essence they are replacements that fit inside the existing frames. There are a few huge advantages to using window frame replacements. The biggest advantage is probably the simple fact that to do a replacement job, the installer does not even have to remove the old frame. Instead it becomes part of the support for the new one.

In the most popular incarnation, window frame replacements are made of vinyl and they are installed inside of wood frames. Thus the old window becomes an extension of the rough opening. Measurements are taken using the dimensions of the old frames to arrive upon a size for the new one. Once it is installed, it is trimmed out and the old wood is completely hidden.

Window frame replacements are a great option for homeowners who want to upgrade their windows but who do not want to chance removing the old frames for one reason or another. It may be that they are skeptical of what lies behind it. Or it might just be that they do not want to go through all of the extra labor. Whatever the reason might be, the old one is left intact and insulation stuck in the space between to seal them and prevent drafts.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Creating a replacement frame in vinyl means the new unit will be easy to maintain and easy to keep looking new for longer. Vinyl is a great material that has grown steadily in popularity through the years. Today it dominates the replacements market capturing a huge market share and towering over all the other materials in popularity. The cost effectiveness as well as the ease of maintenance makes this a great choice for window frame replacements.

Anyone who wants to get a new window style into their home but is afraid of the labor involved in a complete tear out can take out the sashes and leave in the frame of an old wood unit and insert window frame replacements inside it as a whole new window product. The whole idea is to provide a very convenient and simple way to get the replacement done with minimum labor and without having to tear the wall apart and expose the original rough opening.

Of course there is one single drawback to taking on this method in designing and installing your windows instead of simply getting vinyl replacement windows. It cuts down slightly in the height and width of the window since the new one is measured off the inside dimensions of the old and it has to fit inside it. But even with this being acknowledged, the advantages are equally obvious and probably numerous and important enough to outweigh this one single clear negative.

Benefits of Frame Replacements

Window frame replacements do lose a bit of their height and width because they have to fit inside old frames, but this is a small matter. The size difference is generally inconsequential. And once the finished unit is trimmed out no one can tell anyway. This method of replacements makes replacing vinyl windows much simpler. The cost of the windows is partially offset by the savings in tear out. And the home is left exposed to the weather for less significant amounts of time because of the quicker turnaround.

Frame replacements give old windows a new chance to serve a function even as they are being replaced in favor of new ones. Homeowners with ideas on remodeling who wish to do new window work but who do not wish to remove the old frames often choose this option. It is good to take this step and upgrade for less money and with less work. A drafty area that has long been cold can warm up and begin performing the way it ought to with high quality low cost window frame replacements installed by professionals or by do it yourselfers.

The process involved in this installation is similar in a general sense to other installations, but is simple in at least one major way. With no real tear out there are no scrap to deal with and no need to make adjustments to the rough opening because the wood frame in this case actually becomes the de facto rough opening. It is an interesting method with a lot of potential to make things easier on installers.

Unlike the originals, these replacements are measured to fit snugly inside what existed there previously. Significantly, some people have these types and do not even know it. There are certain situations when tear out is not advisable and even professionals do not attempt it. For all of these circumstances and more, window frame replacements update the décor and provide a great new look with less work.