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At What Point Is It Worth Replacing Windows?

Window replacement represents a very significant financial investment. There are many advantages to new windows including increased energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling costs, and enhanced curb appeal. But it is not an easy thing to decide in many cases whether or not to go ahead with this big of a project. On top of the financial cost comes the complication of choosing a product line and an installation company. And then there's the inconvenience of the actual work. To justify all of this, it really has to be the right time to do a window replacement project at your home.

Reasons for Replacing Old Windows

There are a number of good reasons for going ahead and tackling that new window project, of course. If your old windows are not energy efficient, for example, that's often reason enough to deal with the perils of the undertaking. This is especially true for those of us who plan to stay in our homes for an extended period of time. It makes your home more energy efficient, which in turn makes your bills more affordable.

But simple energy efficiency is not the only reason. And long term homeowners are not the only candidates for window replacement, either. If your old wood frames are rotting away, for example, you have every reason to address the issue whether you plan to stay for years or you're putting the house on the market soon.

Condensation Could Mean Window Trouble

Excessive condensation is another important factor to look for. If your windows are allowing too much moisture to accumulate on the panes in spite of your best efforts to control inside humidity, or if you get moisture between the panes, it is certainly time to look into new windows.