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What Is The Average Cost To Replace Windows 2022 Edition

Last updated on 03/10/2022

When one thinks of window replacement, one usually assumes that it will cost a pretty penny. However, while the initial costs will be on the higher side, it may help you save you some money in the long run. 

If your windows require replacement, don't dread it! You have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of excellent options that are both budget-friendly and beautiful!

Ready to learn everything you need to know to replace your windows? Keep reading!

Different Window Options

Before you get overwhelmed with prices, we need to look at the different options for windows. As you may know, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Usually, when you replace all your windows, you likely need different ones for each room. While we won't cover all the different styles, we do want to cover some different materials, as the function for each material differs. For example, some windows might be better in warmer climates, while others are crucial in colder weather. 


If you live in Connecticut, you know that the winters are cold and snowy, and the summer is nice and warm. Unfortunately, this means that you will need to look for windows that work both! Luckily, there are plenty of options for you. 

While aluminum is a metal, a common misconception is that it does not keep in heat because it is a conductor. However, most aluminum frames are now made with thermal breaks due to innovative technology. 

This means there are plastic items throughout the metal; this sturdy metal is then overlaid over a wooden frame to keep the metal from transferring the temperature from the outside. 

Vinyl is another excellent option for window frames, and in addition, they are much cheaper than the aluminum option

Man Measuring a Replacement Window - What is the average cost to replace a window


While you may have heard of window tinting on your residential windows to keep out the sun, it can change the look of your home. It will also keep out that lovely sun on cold winter days.

Other options include glass coatings, glazing, and gases such as argon to increase insulation. In addition, replacing windows can help lower your heating and cooling costs in winter and summer.

Keep in mind that you can achieve better insulation with double or triple panels. When these panels are filled with argon, it can do an excellent job of keeping your energy bill low!

Window Replacement Cost

The national average cost to replace a window is $650, including materials and labor. However, prices can differ from state to state, window to window, and house to house. 

In Connecticut, for example, the average cost of three-pane windows is about $165. These windows have a U-factor of 0.27 and an SHGC of 0.27 as well. 

The average house has 22 windows, at $165 you are looking at $3,000-$4,000 for all windows. Now, this does not include labor, so keep in mind that the total price will increase. 

The most accurate way to determine your overall costs is to request a quote from a trusted and reliable source. 

While the total cost can add up with installments, materials, and time, there is some good news. In 2012, the government offered assistance to homeowners to replace single-pane windows with more efficient options. 

A homeowner can apply for a loan with low interest. These loans range from $2,500 to $20,000, putting a significant dent in the overall costs. Homeowners may also qualify for a rebate program that applies to each window.

Thankfully, a homeowner can apply for both options at the same time. There is no need to choose!

Finally, when requesting a quote, a reputable company will include government programs of your state. 

Future Savings

As gas and oil prices continue to rise, we need to look at better options for saving our wallets, but most importantly, our planet. So while the battle against global warming may seem bleak, we need to take small victories to keep our hopes up. 

Thankfully, this time, we can save both a little bit of money and a little bit of our planet. 

Saving Our Planet

Global warming is on the rise. Many countries are taking the initiative to combat the rising temperatures. But, while we can take the bus instead of our car and recycle our garbage, we can do more. 

If a home has a single pane window, you are doing your very best to heat the outside, as it does little to provide insulation. Additionally, whether fuel-fed or not, your furnace will work overtime, emitting more harmful gases. 

There is some division between whether or not new windows will pay for themselves over time. While you do indeed save on energy, what others fail to mention is that window glass replacement can also protect your valuables. 

Saving Our Valuables

Exposure to sunlight can ruin even the best quality of items. Think of the back of your couch, the drapes, your beautiful hardwood floor, and any sentimental pictures. Replacing your windows can eliminate that dreaded fade of prolonged exposure. 

Saving Our Wallet

Lastly, as living prices continue to rise, you will save money on monthly utilities. Again, we mentioned the rebates, but you will notice that your energy bill will decrease significantly. 

Not only will your furnace not run overtime, but you will also be more comfortable in both the winter and summer months. 

With proper installation, you can close gaps and holes to eliminate drafts and chills. Additionally, the new glass will shield you from the summer heat, especially in those hot rooms that soak up all the sun. 

Replace Your Windows Today!

When you replace your windows, there is a lot that you need to keep in mind. However, we hope that you'll feel less overwhelmed when you make your choice with this guide.

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