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What Does A Quality Home Window Replacement Look Like?

Last updated on 03/10/2022

Are you feeling a draft in your home on cold winter nights? Or does your office feel like a sauna on sunny days? Perhaps it is time for a home window replacement.

Before you start buying windows, you should look at the different options and qualities. You should keep in mind several features to give you the benefits that make window replacement worthwhile.

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Best Home Replacement Windows: Materials

What sets one window apart from countless others are the materials. There are plenty of options that work in different climates. So if you are in Connecticut, you likely need windows that shield you from the cold in the winter months.

However, on the other hand, the summer months get pretty warm, so a solution for heat is also necessary. Let's take a look at your options.


Choosing the proper glass is the number one step in ensuring good quality windows. While there are many options on the market, we want to emphasize that not all prospects will give you the benefits you are looking for when you are replacing windows.

Innovative technology can improve your windows significantly by glass coatings, glazing, and gases such as argon.

This glass technology improves the insolation of windows by keeping the heat in the home and out of the house.

The most significant factor you need to consider is the window label from the NFRC. The four items that the NFRC rates are:

A northern climate, like Connecticut, will benefit from triple-pane windows, low U-Factor, gas-filled panes, and high solar gain.

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The material of the frame is also a critical factor in the performance of the windows.

Options include:

However, recent technology, called clad wood framing, allows for better insulation without compromising the durability of certain materials.

For example, aluminum-clad wood uses thermal breaks to prevent the metal, aluminum in this case, from acting as a conductor from the outside elements. The metal then overlays the wood frame providing a strong, durable window frame that offers optimal insulation.

Vinyl and fiberglass are also popular options for cladding, although they are not as durable as aluminum.

Replacing a Home Window: Finding an Installer

While the right materials are crucial, the right contractor can make or break the quality of your new windows.

When looking for a contractor, make sure to keep an eye on their reviews, don't be afraid to ask questions, and make sure to get your quotes in writing.

Giving a young beginner a chance is an excellent idea, but will it be the best call for your home? Look for a contractor with experience, a good reputation, and the right problem-solving skills.

Home Window Replacement: Features to Look For

Now that you know a bit about the materials, you should also consider the style of the window.

Does it match the interior and exterior of your home? Do you have the opportunity to customize the windows? Or are you looking for a cookiecutter, one size fits all?

These are all great questions you should ask yourself. However, the main feature you should look for is energy efficiency. Technology has come a long way over the course of several years, and manufacturers are now able to provide the best solutions for a greener home.

Another feature you should keep in mind is the ease of cleaning the windows. While this is not a weekly task, nor even monthly, you do want to clean your windows from time to time.

There are specific windows that allow you to take out the sashes and tilt them so that you can clean the outside, even on hard-to-reach levels. A clean window will make your home feel cleaner, brighter, and in some cases, even bigger.

Finally, you can choose between single and double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are the most common type in homes built after the 80s. These windows include the tilt-sash that allows for the ease of cleaning.

Single-hung windows only have one moving part, the bottom, and are often cheaper as a result. While cleaning these windows is a little harder, they might be a better fit for households working on a budget.

Of course, each home benefits from different windows, so if you are unsure of your decision, don't be afraid to talk to an expert.

Does Replacing Windows Increase Home Value?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly if you are planning to sell your home, is whether new windows increase your home value.

We are happy to say yes! They do increase your home value. However, they do need to be of good quality. Additionally, we should note that a professionally installed window adds more value than a DYI replacement.

New owners will likely perform an inspection, and if the inspector finds gaps or other mistakes in the installment, you'll notice a price decrease of your house, or even costs to reinstall them.

Try to avoid this by hiring reputable contractors in your area.

Home Window Replacement: Start Today!

It can become quite the task when your home is due for window replacement. Luckily some resources can help you make the right decision.

Quality home window replacement will boost your home value, create a more comfortable space, and decrease your utility bills. So what are you waiting for?

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