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Westwood Window Replacement In Los Angeles, California

Last updated on 11/15/2019

Westwood window replacement should only be considered after evaluating your present window products. It could be that they just need new screens, for instance. In addition, proper maintenance over the lifetime of a window product extends the lifetime of the product beyond expected longevity before you need Westwood window replacement.

There are some die-hard homeowners who will try and fix every situation before moving onto the stage of purchasing any replacement products. In terms of window replacement products, it is not straightforward, cut, and dry, as to when you should update your Westwood home with new, replacement window units. For instance, there is a lot that can be fixed on products, though it is not necessarily going to do as much good as finding a replacement product.

What Can Go Wrong

There are a few key items that can go awry in terms of having glass in frames that open and close. For one, seals can just wear out and start allowing air between glazing. This results in condensation, though does not necessarily call for full Westwood window replacement.

Along the same lines, if you allow weep holes to get clogged with dirt, it can cause condensation to build up as well, because moisture cannot drain properly.

Screens on Los Angeles aluminum windows in California can tear and the metal can bend. Wood, likewise, can dry out, rot, or suffer insect problems. Glass, of course, can be broken. The sashes on double- or single-hung units can get stuck shut, open, or just slam down when you try to operate them. Wood itself sometimes sticks, shut. Getting past each of these hurdles can take some extra attention, in addition to the regular maintenance.

Maintenance by Frame Type

Wood and the paint or stain can get so hot in a Los Angeles summer that they heat and then cool, sticking the unit to sill. It is likely you will need to pry the frame apart. Sometimes on double- and single-hung units the balance, cords, or springs that allow the unit to be raised and lowered wear out. This causes the unit to slam down or stick open. These can be replaced fairly easily by a Westwood, California window contractor.

Fiberglass will not provide problems as readily as other materials. It is waterproof, lightweight, and extremely strong. It is likely to last a lifetime and require minimal maintenance before you will need to call for Westwood window replacement. It can be painted as well. Vinyl cannot be painted because it expands and contracts. If it is painted, the paint will crack from the expansion and contraction of the vinyl. Although, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass require almost no maintenance other than keeping them clean.

It is important to keep the channels and weep holes clean to ensure the proper working of your Westwood glass on your home. At times, you may have to scrub aluminum frames off, and then lubricate it. If seals go, there are two schools of thought. For one, if you have older single glaze units, it may make sense in terms of energy efficiency to just go out and purchase double or triple glaze Westwood window replacement products.

If the seals lapse on your double or triple glaze units, check your warranties to see if it is covered by the manufacturer. Otherwise, if you had argon or krypton gas between them, this will not be able to be fixed like new, and will require Westwood window replacement. It would be impossible for a glazier to make the seal vacuum tight, thus any new gas that is introduced between the layers of glass would escape. If you want to return to your original state, you will have to contact a Westwood window replacement professional.

Projected Lifetime of Use

Again, fiberglass will last your whole lifetime. Wood is generally going to last 30 years, though it will require constant monitoring and regular maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum can last at least 15 years. Some Westwood, CA homeowners have better luck than others, and these numbers can vary greatly among different homeowners.

Westwood window replacement may not involve fully replacing the frames and also the glass. If your frames are in great shape, but you want to increase the energy efficiency of your glass, consider replacement sashes instead of full and new replacement for your Westwood home. If you use double or triple glaze you will increase the efficiency of your Westwood, CA home.

Westwood window replacement is necessary once you have worked to try and fix your present products. It makes sense to consider regular maintenance and examination of your present products. You may want to purchase new products to increase energy efficiency of your home. That is one of the reasons that most homeowners are making new purchases.

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