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Vinyl Window Replacement

Vinyl window replacement is the most popular option of all as far as window replacement is concerned. Vinyl makes up a dominant portion of the overall market for new installs as well as for replacements. Vinyl is unique among all the materials used to make windows in its combination of strength, dexterity and affordability as a raw material.

When most people start thinking about doing a window replacement project and having a contractor work on their home, vinyl windows are the ones they have in mind. Some people do not even consider any other material because they are so pleased with the many positive attributes of this material. It can't chip like wood, won't scratch like wood, and doesn't hurt your pocketbook like fiberglass.

Vinyl Windows Weren't Always Popular

When vinyl replacement windows first hit the open market, they were openly scorned by many people. Of course, they had good reason to scorn it. After all, there were serious quality issues with these products when they first arrived. The industry had to diligently research and work for years until it got the formula down and was able to come up with a quality window of this material. Today's vinyl shares one thing in common with those early ancestors: cheap price. Now that quality issues have been overcome and people can trust this material to do well for them in their homes, vinyl is the single most dominant material of all for replacement windows. And the competition is not even close in terms of market share.

One obvious reason for the popularity of vinyl window replacement is its cost. You can do a whole houseful of windows in vinyl a lot cheaper than you can in wood. But durability is another point of strength. These windows are extremely durable and resistant to any kind of rot or corrosion. They take a beating and keep performing well. They are extremely low maintenance, not requiring any kind of painting or staining at all when they are installed. And scratches and wear and tear do not show like they do on other materials because the color goes all the way through the frame and not just on the surface. But the choices of color with this material are very limited.

Vinyl is a Good Insulator

Vinyl as a material is an excellent material, so it stands to reason that vinyl windows would be also be well insulated. A well made high quality vinyl window is a high performing window. The hollow chambers inside the window can be filled with foam to make vinyl windows even better at insulating and keeping heat in the house during the cold winter months. This can help with the cost of heating a home as well as with the temperature and the comfort level. And vinyl windows are very affordable. Their affordability is a primary reason why they are so popular.

Things to Look for in Vinyl

To make sure your vinyl windows are as secure as they can be, make sure the beading which holds the glass into place is on the inside and not on the outside. If it is on the outside, burglars can simply cut around it and pull the glass out and gain entry without making a sound. Look for fusion welded frames where the frame joints are bonded together either by heat or through a chemical process. These frames are stronger than those screwed together, and they will not get rickety and wobbly as the window gets older. You can also inquire as to whether the vinyl is reinforced with steel, aluminum, or other metal. Oftentimes high quality vinyl window frames are reinforced with metal.