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The Villa Window Replacement

There are many varieties to consider when choosing your The Villa window replacement. Chicago window contractors have many choices to fit your needs. In The Villa area, it can be difficult to determine what types of replacement windows are best for your home. Here are a few options that would be a beautiful addition to any IL household.

Hopper Style

Hopper windows are an excellent choice for your The Villa window replacement. Hopper windows are similar to awning replacement windows. Both types are hinged and open from the bottom while the top remains in place. Additionally, both hopper and awning windows come with the option of opening inward or out. This is important because every home in The Villa is unique, and you want to chose a replacement that fits your needs.

The main differences between these The Villa window replacement styles is the way these two types open and how far they open. Awning windows are usually pushed or pulled open, whereas hopper The Villa window replacement styles have a crank system to open them. Awning windows can open fully parallel to the ground. Hopper windows do not typically open this far (though they can sometimes be special ordered to do so, depending on the size and location of your The Villa window replacement).

When considering The Villa window replacement, an Illinois hopper window can be used in combination with other replacement types. It is common in Illinois to see larger, fixed windows flanked on the sides by smaller hopper windows. Alternatively, hopper replacement windows are sometimes seen over or under a picture variety. This The Villa window replacement option allows you to have an unobstructed view of The Villa (from the fixed window) while still having the option for fresh air (from the hopper window).

Hopper windows are equipped with a pulley mechanism that allows them to crank open and closed. The added benefit to these windows is that the mechanism holds the window in place. In Chicago we can certainly understand and appreciate the benefit of having a window that can't be slammed shut by the wind!

Because of the pulley system, hopper windows are an excellent choice for hard to reach areas of your The Villa home. They are also ideal for places that need ventilation such as above a shower or sink. In IL hoppers are very commonly used in basements, but because of their utility and style they are gaining in popularity for use all over the home.

Hood Mold Style

Hood mold windows are rectangular and are topped with an arch. They are very common in older buildings. They have a style and grace that brings a person back to a simpler time, and choosing a hood mold style for The Villa window replacement would add character to any home.

Hood mold windows are also knows as dripstone or label mold. While architecturally these windows are very appealing, they are also very functional. The glass in hood mold windows is arched at the top, which always creates a beautiful effect. Typically however there are also arches built into the structure above these windows. This is where they get their name. The arch molding acts as a hood and protects the window from weather.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are an excellent choice for The Villa window replacement, and serve a much different function than other replacement types. These windows are very beautiful and useful to homeowners. Where most windows are designed to allow light and air in and out of your The Villa home, garden windows have an altogether separate purpose.

Garden windows, as their name would suggest enable you to bring the outside in. Typically installed in a kitchen or dining room, they form a sort of mini greenhouse in your home. Just think, you can have fresh herbs (or vegetables, etc) right at your fingertips any time of year!

Garden windows are designed as a box shape that projects out from the home. They also typically have one or two shelves. These windows are used for growing plants in pots. The shelves enable you to fit more pots into the window. Typically garden windows have hopper style windows on the side of them, which allow for ventilation. This helps keep your plants (and your kitchen) from over heating.

Garden windows are beneficial in many ways. First, they allow a lot of light in. Secondly, they can be very picturesque, and add a lovely view of the outside to your interior world. Because they protrude out from the house, they can make a room feel larger. Also, with such a lovely space to display your plants, the rest of the room can be freed of them, making it feel even larger still. Garden windows would be an excellent choice for your The Villa window replacement.