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Valley View Manor Window Replacement

Trying to make sense of all the new technologies in Valley View Manor window replacement can be a very difficult thing. There are many different Arizona manufacturer's out there, and each one is trying to get an edge over their competition by coming up with the newest and latest developments. This is a very good thing for you as the consumer because it means that no matter what, your Valley View Manor window replacement is going to be more efficient than the Phoenix windows you currently have.

But how do you, as the Arizona consumer know which developments matter for your Valley View Manor window replacement choice? How can you decipher what is really worth the cost, and what is just a gimmick that is being used to sell more AZ windows? Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting Valley View Manor window replacement for your Phoenix home.

How Many Panes?

It seems that the one thing that all AZ manufacturers can agree on is that more panes of glass equal better insulated windows. While it is true that two panes are better than one when it comes to replacement, does the same hold true for three panes or four? Would it be beneficial to spring for the extra cost of these?

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one. There is a lot of evidence out there to attest to the fact that a three paned Valley View Manor window replacement does provide better insulation than the dual paned variety. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of data to support the cost effectiveness of this. The cost of Valley View Manor window replacement increases quite a bit as more Arizona panes are added, and the energy efficiency level doesn't necessarily increase with enough significance to make it worth your while.

So what do you do? Educate yourself. Shop around the Valley View Manor area and compare costs. Try to find sales. Find the most panes of glass for the least cost. Then, compare that total with the total you would pay if you simply ordered dual pane replacement. If both totals are within a few hundred dollars of each other, spring for the extra glass. If it's more than that, you might want to stick with the basics.

Is Argon Additive Worth It?

Another recent innovation in the Valley View Manor area is the addition of argon gas to the structure of your windows. After the seal is applied to the separate panes of glass, but before it is completely sealed argon gas is pumped inside. Argon is a gas that naturally dissipates slowly. It is not toxic in low levels, and it is an excellent insulator.

But does this mean that it is worthwhile to spring for the extra cost of an argon filled window replacement? Unfortunately there is not enough long term research to say yeah or nay on this one. There are several schools of thought on this particular issue.

On the one hand, even in a sealed window argon, like all natural gasses will dissipate over time. However, the average rate of the dissipation in a properly sealed Valley View Manor window replacement is approximately 1% per year. Since most replacement windows are built to last only five to ten years, the argon should not fully dissipate during the life of the Valley View Manor window.

Additionally, there are conflicting reports regarding just how much added insulation the addition of argon adds to your Valley View Manor replacement window. Many reports show that the added insulation from argon is less than or comparable to an additional pane of glass. Others show it to be more. It really is a difficult item to decide on.

Argon filled windows can get pricey. These are the latest "fad" in window replacement. Again, do a cost comparison between purchasing Valley View Manor windows that have argon gas in them and purchasing the same Valley View Manor window replacement type without. If the difference in price is significant, opt for the windows without. The data is just not there to back up the extra money you will spend.

If you calculate the cost of the argon vs. not and still can't decide whether you should go for it, regardless of the extra cost, run another comparison. This time compare the cost of the Valley View Manor windows with the argon additive verses the cost of an extra pane of glass. If these costs are similar, and you want to have that little bit of added insulation, you would be wise to opt for the added window pane instead of the argon. When dealing with Valley View Manor window replacement, it is always better to go with what is known to work than to take a chance on the unknown.