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Storm Windows

Storm windows are not only meant to protect your loved ones and your belongings in the event of any storm, but they also serve an aesthetic function. If you are considering any window glass replacement this year, then it is important that you understand the various benefits, costs and selection that come with storm windows. If you are a homeowner looking for a little more protection, then you cannot go wrong with the benefit that storm windows can provide. Not only will you be lowering your energy savings and electricity bills and protecting your house from the erratic weather, but you will also be opting for a cost-effective way to get that added level of protection without doing complete home replacement windows renovation.

Storm Window Replacement Considerations

Storm windows are self contained, fitted house windows that go over your existing window to provide your home with an additional layer of insulation and protection. While they are not required by law anywhere, they do make a great addition to any home where the climate is erratic. These durable windows come in a wide variety of styles and materials. You can find what you are looking for in wood, aluminum and everything in between. They also come in a number of different varieties of window pane material to suit any budget or design needs.

Storm windows are made to do one main thing - protection from storms. This is because they are made out of shatterproof Plexiglass or plastic that can withstand extreme pressure, such as the pressure felt during serious storms. If you do live in an area where you see your fair share of storm damage, investing in extra window protection could save more than just your house. Storm windows can actually save your life in the event of a serious storm, hurricane or other natural disaster. Rather than spending nights taping up your windows after each hurricane prediction, you can be rest assured that you are keeping those winds and unwanted weather damage outside, where it belongs.

Apart from the obvious storm protection, these windows can also lower your heating and cooling costs. If you live in a state where the summers are hot and the winters are colder, then you no doubt understand how your heating and cooling costs suffer in the name of comfort. Single pane homes are often the ones affected the most by temperature control. However, with storm windows, you are adding an extra level of insulation where you need it most. You can significantly reduce the amount of heat and cold lost to the elements. You are effectively keeping the warm air circulating inside your home, thus letting you lay low on cranking the heater. Furthermore, during the hot sticky summer, your air conditioner will work more effectively without having to worry about the warm air seeping through the window cracks. You can effectively heat and cool your home and save about 30 percent on your annual electricity bill.

Storm windows can also provide your family with the extra protection from the sun's UV radiation. We all love the added light and warmth that any window can provide, especially on a breezy spring day. However, we also know how this sunlight can have serious negative effects to your skin. Although vinyl window replacement is generally considered UV-opaque, some of the older models often let out a significant amount of this radiation. You could be putting your family in danger without even realizing it. Furthermore, the sun's harmful rays can also be devastating to your home, resulting in faded floors, damaged artwork and faded furniture. A storm-proof window will keep the light coming in but without the negative effects of the sun. You can protect your family and your belongings and keep everything looking fresh and new for much longer.

Best Replacement Windows Quotes

When looking into any storm-proof window, you are probably looking at the various replacement window cost as well as other concerns. One of the biggest pluses when it comes to storm windows is that they simply fit onto your existing window system which means you actually do not need to a glass window replacement. Although you will still need to hire a contractor for storm windows, you are saving a lot of money on installation, material and replacement fees.

Regardless of what you are looking for in window replacements, one way to be sure that you are getting the most affordable rate and the best service possible is with an online search. By simply filling in your details you will instantly be connected to window replacing contractors in your area and price quotes to match your budget. Take the hassle out of storm window replacement and click your way to the protection you want.