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Storm Windows

Last updated on 01/30/2022

A storm window replacement is an ideal choice to increase the energy efficiency of a home without having to replace the windows. Storm windows are a second window that is placed on either the inside or the outside of the home depending on the existing window. These windows come in a variety of styles and sizes and can provide your home with a seal against the weather. If you have noticed that you get a draft every time there is a storm, you may want to consider adding a storm window replacement to your existing windows.

Drawing of a storm window

Types of Windows

Storm windows can be purchased in glass or plastic and can be mounted permanently or temporarily depending on your needs. You can also choose between interior or exterior designs. An interior storm window replacement is easy to install and remove, and requires less maintenance than outdoor storm windows because of their exposure to the weather. They can also be ideal for homes that have more than one floor or for apartments where it is hard to get to the exterior of the window if you need to replace a window screen for example.

Glass replacements are a great choice because they allow for better visibility and will last longer than plastic replacements. Plastic, on the other hand, is less expensive and the most economical choice if you have a tight budget. You can also choose to use a film that you attach to the window frame with double sided tape.

Replacements come in a variety of frames. You can choose from a wood, aluminum, or vinyl frame depending on your taste. A wood frame is a good choice because of its insulating properties, but wood does require a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. Aluminum, on the other hand, is an inexpensive choice, but it does not have the insulating properties that a wood or vinyl replacement does.

A vinyl replacement is one of the best choices because it is lightweight, will last for many years, and will not chip, crack, or peel. These replacements can be easily installed by a homeowner and left in place throughout the years. The color of a vinyl replacement is mixed into the material at the factory and so will not fade for many years. If you want a storm window replacement that will last for years with virtually no maintenance, vinyl is the perfect solution.

Triple Track Windows

A triple track replacement is one of the best choices you can get for storm windows. These replacements have the windowpanes and the screen as one unit. A triple track storm window replacement is permanently installed and can be opened to allow in the fresh air.

There are many advantages to using these replacements versus the other types. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you will drastically reduce the amount of air infiltration that comes in around the frame. Air infiltration is the measurement of the air that seeps around a window frame. You will notice a frame that has a high air infiltration because it will be drafty during cold weather.

Another great advantage of a triple track replacement is the fact that they are generally a much better quality system than the single pane styles. These units have two panes of glass and a screen, which gives you better protection from the weather than the single pane designs. This will increase the home's energy efficiency immensely and save you money on heating and cooling costs.

Vinyl storm windows can cost almost seventy-five percent less than vinyl replacement windows. The energy savings created by blocking the cold of winter months can be a lifesaver when you are not ready for the price of a full, new set of windows. They are fantastic for apartment dwellers too, because they tend to be more portable, and easily removed and replaced when winter has ended, or when you change residences.

Vinyl Storm Windows Block Cold Air, and Save Money

Storm windows made from a vinyl window screen frame were traditionally used to help fend off cold air in the Northern climates, especially when single pane glass was the norm. It never created insulation, it always was more of a barrier, that worked by nature of stopping air movement between the storm panes from the single pane. While they would work to create a sound barrier and reduce condensation between panes in sun-drenched, hotter climates in the nation, they would trap heat inside. However, installing storm varieties on historic homes is ideal, to rid the older structures of drafts, because they have little effect on interior or exterior architecture.

The U.S. Department of Energy set up strict criteria, Energy Star ratings, to help residents of all the different climates around the country find the most energy efficient products for their homes and offices. Even for for vinyl storm products, the following are some helpful numbers to know, as DOE does rate these products too. The U-factor measures how much heat escapes or is allowed inside your home. The lower the U-factor, the less heat that is transferred.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much of the sun's energy comes through the window. It tells you, actually, how well a window deters the sun's heat. A lower value indicates a lower amount of solar heat entering your house, for instance.

Vinyl storm windows can save money over replacing your windows because there is less material to buy, and less work for an installation expert to put into place. Yet, you still reap the benefits of vinyl, which is very resilient, scratch resistant, rust resistant and not conductive of heat or cold. In addition, vinyl is extremely low maintenance, requiring no painting or staining (like wood does) and will not bend or warp like other materials might do over time.

An added bonus is that you may notice additional sound proofing to outside noises, and an added layer of protection against break ins. Specifically, polycarbonate plastic or laminated glass are most resistant to break ins and to storm damage. Plus, sashes are easy to clean on vinyl storm windows, because they are removable. The glass cleans easily with a simple solution of soap and water.

Types of Vinyl Storm Windows

Vinyl storm windows can be installed externally or internally. There are plastic kinds, all the way to the higher end, some even with low emissivity coatings on glass for further insulation savings. Vinyl storm windows that are installed in the interior often grip more securely than exterior counterparts and are easier to maintain because they are inside and not exposed to the elements. Of course, if you live in a multi-level building, internal vinyl storm windows may be the best choice.

Glass inset may be easier to break, but is more durable than the plastic storm windows, whose panes are prone to scratching, and discoloring or yellowing over time.

Wood, aluminum, and vinyl are the most common frame materials. Aluminum is resilient, lightweight, though it conducts heat too well, making it a poor insulator. Wood insulates well, but weathers with age, changes with the weather (expanding and contracting with the temperature and barometer). Because of this, wood variety needs to be removed in the winter, because it will get stuck because of swelling in the summer heat. Likewise, if used in the summer, they will shrink, and come loose if used in the winter. Wood is heavy and thicker than metal frames, which makes them more cumbersome and higher maintenance.

Installation involves frames that must be hung square with the primary fixture and sealed to the opening's jamb. Those set to the outside, must have weep holes at the bottom of the frame for moisture to drain. Without these weep holes, moisture collected will cause the frame to rot or warp, irreparably damaging them. While there are kits out there for self-installation, a dealer or contractor can ensure proper installation for proper working order throughout the season.

Vinyl storm windows are great for warming up for less in winter. At a fraction of the price for fully new replacement sashes, it makes sense for anyone who dreads drafty glass. Consider this less expensive alternative.

Maintaining Storm Windows

In order for your replacement to be able to stand the test of time, you will need to be sure to maintain it correctly. This is especially important for the ones that are installed on the exterior of the home. If you have wood frames, you will need to paint and seal them from time to time to keep them from warping and rotting due to weather.

Another maintenance issue is keeping the vent holes cleaned out on an exterior storm window replacement. The vent holes are there to allow any moisture that collects inside the unit to seep out. If these holes are full of debris, they will not work properly and you will run the risk of the interior frame rotting due to excess moisture.

A storm window replacement is the best way to increase a home's energy efficiency when you are under a tight budget. If you want replacements that will last for many years, consider using a glass vinyl style, which is low maintenance and has very good energy efficiency. For the best storm window replacement you may want to consider the triple track design that will allow you to open the window and let the fresh air inside without having to remove the storm window replacement.

Storm Window Replacement Considerations

Storm windows are not only meant to protect your loved ones and your belongings in the event of any storm, but they also serve an aesthetic function. If you are considering any window glass replacement this year, then it is important that you understand the various benefits, costs and selection that come with storm windows. If you are a homeowner looking for a little more protection, then you cannot go wrong with the benefit that storm windows can provide. Not only will you be lowering your energy savings and electricity bills and protecting your house from the erratic weather, but you will also be opting for a cost-effective way to get that added level of protection without doing complete home replacement windows renovation.

Storm windows are self contained, fitted house windows that go over your existing window to provide your home with an additional layer of insulation and protection. While they are not required by law anywhere, they do make a great addition to any home where the climate is erratic. These durable windows come in a wide variety of styles and materials. You can find what you are looking for in wood, aluminum and everything in between. They also come in a number of different varieties of window pane material to suit any budget or design needs.

Storm windows are made to do one main thing - protection from storms. This is because they are made out of shatterproof Plexiglass or plastic that can withstand extreme pressure, such as the pressure felt during serious storms. If you do live in an area where you see your fair share of storm damage, investing in extra window protection could save more than just your house. Storm windows can actually save your life in the event of a serious storm, hurricane or other natural disaster. Rather than spending nights taping up your windows after each hurricane prediction, you can be rest assured that you are keeping those winds and unwanted weather damage outside, where it belongs.

Apart from the obvious storm protection, these windows can also lower your heating and cooling costs. If you live in a state where the summers are hot and the winters are colder, then you no doubt understand how your heating and cooling costs suffer in the name of comfort. Single pane homes are often the ones affected the most by temperature control. However, with storm windows, you are adding an extra level of insulation where you need it most. You can significantly reduce the amount of heat and cold lost to the elements. You are effectively keeping the warm air circulating inside your home, thus letting you lay low on cranking the heater. Furthermore, during the hot sticky summer, your air conditioner will work more effectively without having to worry about the warm air seeping through the window cracks. You can effectively heat and cool your home and save about 30 percent on your annual electricity bill.

Storm windows can also provide your family with the extra protection from the sun's UV radiation. We all love the added light and warmth that any window can provide, especially on a breezy spring day. However, we also know how this sunlight can have serious negative effects to your skin. Although vinyl window replacement is generally considered UV-opaque, some of the older models often let out a significant amount of this radiation. You could be putting your family in danger without even realizing it. Furthermore, the sun's harmful rays can also be devastating to your home, resulting in faded floors, damaged artwork and faded furniture. A storm-proof window will keep the light coming in but without the negative effects of the sun. You can protect your family and your belongings and keep everything looking fresh and new for much longer.

Replacement storm windows are an important investment for homeowners that may not have the money to tear out and replace their old window units but that want to increase their home's energy efficiency and ventilation. They are windows that mount either to the inside or the outside of the existing window. They can be temporarily mounted just for seasonal protection, as they commonly are in the wintertime in chilly northern climates; or, they can be permanently affixed for year round use. The replacement storm windows that get permanently attached typically include screens for great year round use and ventilation in the hot summer months.

Storm Window Energy Savings

Consumers who lack the funds to tear out their old windows or who just do not want to lose the historical charm of the ones in the home may opt for replacement storm windows as a compromise because, unlike replacement sash windows, many of them are removable and because they address the issue of energy efficiency without the necessity of a tear out of the old units and the resulting disturbance it might cause to the home and to the architectural details in and around the window areas. Many cottages in the north have these units installed. In many cases these homes were built as summer getaways so not too much attention was initially paid to the quality of the windows. But as time went by and winter nights were spent there, many owners realized the need to protect the homes better from heat loss. Whether you're at home or in your home away from home, replacement storm windows are an excellent low cost choice for you to address this issue without a huge and expensive remodeling project.

The benefits of installing a storm window are numerous. One of the biggest and most immediate is the energy savings homes get when this installation is done. Houses that use a lot of energy due to drafty or otherwise inefficient window units are not comfortable to live in. The home temperature is hard to regulate and the furnace often kicks on and off inappropriately as the thermostat gets confused by the uneven temperatures in the air. But promoting energy efficiency and eliminating those drafts with storm windows creates a much more conducive environment toward positive HVAC function and a more comfortable home.

In addition, replacement storm windows obviously cut energy bills. The reduced workload of the furnace or the air conditioner means lower energy bills. And in addition, some replacement storm windows may also qualify buyers for tax savings. The tax credit that may be available to some buyers can really help recover a good chunk of the initial purchase cost. Look for details online and find out more about the federal Energy Star program and its great financial benefits for consumers who participate.

Best Replacement Storm Window

Replacement window jobs are done for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a replacement window is installed strictly because of the need for greater energy efficiency. When this is the case, the best replacement windows are the ones that will deliver the best energy performance. This information is easy to find. Consumers who are in the market and who need good data on energy efficiency should check with reputable independent testing agencies such as the NFRC before they shop. Do not count on manufacturers' claims, because their methods of testing may not be uniform relative to one another.

Others buy replacement storm windows for the sake of summer ventilation. If your windows have no screens and you wish to be able to keep them open in the summer but do but do not want bugs getting in and other things like that to deal with, look into the replacement units that offer the best ventilation. Choose a model that is screened and that is easy to open and close. You may also want to think about whether to opt for a storm window that mounts on the inside or outside of the home. The answer will depend in this case on the accessibility of the screens. Get a good look in person at anything you buy before you pay for it and find out exactly how the unit opens and closes. Some removable units may be just a screen that mounts on the outside so you can open the permanent window on the inside.

The best replacement storm windows are quite simply the ones that take care of your needs while also fitting in to your budget. There are numerous quality product lines out these so it is not an issue for homeowners to find a great replacement storm window for their home. The biggest issue is narrowing it down to the replacement storm windows that do the best job for you at the best cost.

Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows

Deciding between storm windows vs replacement windows can be a really tough decision for homeowners. If you currently have a window in your home that are not functioning properly, then you obviously need to do something about this problem. When a window in your home does not function properly, it means that you could lose a lot of money on your utility bills each month. As such, it's important to deal with the issue as soon as possible and choose a window that you can count on. You can either choose to go with a standard replacement product or a storm product.

When you are faced with the issue of debating storm windows vs replacement windows, there are going to be several areas of concern for you to deal with. One of those things is going to be what your choice is going to make your home look like. For most homeowners, aesthetic beauty is important. In addition, you are going to need to consider what kind of cost you can afford when buying your new window replacement products. A storm window can often be less expensive than a replacement window, but there are always exceptions to what is standard. You'll need to do some serious thinking and perhaps some research before you make a final decision regarding storm windows vs replacement windows.

Understand the Difference

To really make an informed decision regarding storm windows vs replacement windows, you will need to understand what the difference between these two products actually is. A storm window is usually placed on top of an existing window in the home. That is, it works as a protective covering for the window that already exists in your home. It is used so that you can save energy and keep your hot air in during the winter months and the cold air in during the summer months.

A replacement window, on the other hand, is a new window altogether. This type of window is used when your old product no longer works and you want to get an entirely new product for your home. If you have decided that you would rather replace the entire window rather than try to cover it up with a storm window, then a replacement window is the option that you need to go with. Only when you know the real difference between these two products can you make a judgment regarding storm windows vs replacement windows.

Benefits of Storm Products

A lot of homeowners struggle with the debate between storm windows vs replacement windows before they come to any conclusion. It really helps to know what the benefit of a storm window is. Many people choose this type of product because it's a very economical way to get protection from drafts for your home. You won't have to worry about wasting energy or anything like that when you choose this product instead of replacing the window. You'll get a really good deal on an affordable product for your home.

Another great benefit of this type of window is that it does not take that long to install. You can get your new product up and working in no time, and you won't have to worry about any fuss. If you had decided that replacing your window would be the best option, then you would probably have to carve out a lot more time for the installation to take place. You may have to put some things in your life on hold, and this could upset your natural schedule. When you choose these products, however, your installation can be done in a flash.

Benefits of Replacement Products

When trying to decide between storm windows vs replacement windows, you need to consider what the potential benefits of replacement products are. When you make the choice to completely replace your window, you can choose to get an Energy Star product that will protect your home and allow you to save lots of money each month on your heating and cooling bills. This is a really great money saving benefit that all homeowners should carefully consider when they are trying to make a decision on their product. You can choose from lots of great products including vinyl.

When deciding between storm windows vs replacement windows, you should really consider how replacing the window can make your home look beautiful and seamless. You don't want to install some other kind of covering on your window if none of the other ones on your home have this. Instead, you should opt for replacing the whole thing, and that way all of the products in your home will match one another. Consider this option carefully when you are thinking about the debate over storm windows vs replacement windows.

Best Replacement Windows Quotes

When looking into any storm-proof window, you are probably looking at the various replacement window cost as well as other concerns. One of the biggest pluses when it comes to storm windows is that they simply fit onto your existing window system which means you actually do not need to a glass window replacement. Although you will still need to hire a contractor for storm windows, you are saving a lot of money on installation, material and replacement fees.

Regardless of what you are looking for in window replacements, one way to be sure that you are getting the most affordable rate and the best service possible is with an online search. By simply filling in your details you will instantly be connected to window replacing contractors in your area and price quotes to match your budget. Take the hassle out of storm window replacement and click your way to the protection you want.

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