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Why Will New Windows Stop Drafts?

Last updated on 05/13/2022

Window drafts can severely hamper the comfort level in a home and compromise the quality of life for its occupants. Old, drafty windows prevent you from getting warm on cold winter nights, even when the heat is on and you're tucked in under the blankets. Drafty windows and the infiltration of outside air can be caused by many different things. Sometimes window drafts are caused by racked windows or windows improperly installed. But this is not always the source of a draft.

Proper Caulking and Flashing Important

Proper application of caulking and flashing by a window installer on the exterior of the home prevents outside air from getting in around the outside edge of the window. But it does even more than that. Properly caulked and flashed windows will not let water in, either. If you have very drafty windows, it is likely that some water is also getting into your house, at least in the framed walls around the windows.

Racked Windows and Bad Seals

If improper installation has racked the window it is likely that the sash weather stripping is no good. If you can't seal the window properly when it is shut, there is no way to keep out the cold air from getting inside. New window replacement should eliminate drafts. Properly installed windows will not be racked. They'll be installed level and plumb and be properly fastened to the framing.

Insulation will be stuffed into the rough opening prior to trimming out a new window to weather seal it. New windows have more effective compression seals and weather stripping as well. When they are closed, they are really closed, and no air can pass through. Window replacement often is the best means to address old, drafty windows that no longer perform as they should.

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