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Southern Views Window Replacement

Southern Views window replacement seems to be a hot topic for discussion these days. AZ Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the look of their home, as well as save money on energy costs. But how do you know if you need Southern Views window replacement? There are certain tell-tale signs every Southern Views homeowner should know how to identify in order to ensure you are getting the most out of the windows you have. If your windows do not pass any of the following tests, it is time to consider Phoenix replacement for your windows in your Southern Views home.

Look for Structural Damage

Because of their function, windows can be potentially hazardous to the structural integrity of your home. When you think about it, if you removed a window, what would be left is a gaping hole in the middle of your home. This hole would leave your house, all your belongings, and you exposed to the outside elements.

Having windows installed does not necessarily ensure that you and your stuff are safe from these things. If the frame is not properly sealed, it can be very detrimental to your home. You are not only open to higher energy bills but also other, more nefarious foes such as mold and rot. If this is the case, replacement is your only option.

But how can you test to see if your seals are in good shape and determine if you need Southern Views replacement? There are several things to look for. First, check around the frames on the outside of your AZ home. If there is any paint peeling there, moisture is seeping in. Keep in mind however that this test is only good if the paint job on your Southern Views home is in good repair. If the areas of the outside of your home that are not near the windows have just as much peeling paint as those around them, this is simply an indication that your home needs painting and not necessarily that you need Southern Views window replacement.

Another significant indication that the seals on your Southern Views windows are bad is bowing of the walls. This is better tested from the inside of your home. Sometimes it can be seen by the naked eye. It is best to start looking from across the room at your Arizona frames. See if the areas directly surrounding your windows are deformed in comparison to the rest of the wall. If you can't see anything, move a little closer. Keep doing this until you get right up on the wall, then feel the perimeter of the window just to be sure. If you notice any warping, or soft spots (where the wall gives way under pressure), it means that the integrity of your window seal has been compromised, and you will need Southern Views window replacement.

But you live in Arizona. Let's face it; there are not a lot of chances in the area to check for moisture to determine if replacement is needed. Don't worry, there are other ways you can check to determine if the seal has gone bad and you need Southern Views window replacement.

Check the Border for Leaks

The first way to determine if you need replacement for your windows will require a flashlight and a friend. When it is dark out, take your flashlight and go outside. Have someone else standing inside your Southern Views home looking at the window. Make sure that the interior of the house is dark, or this will not work. Take the flashlight and hold it as close to the outside frame of the window as you can (make sure that it does not overlap onto the glass.) Slowly run the flashlight around the perimeter of the window. If the person on the inside can see any light shining through, you need Southern Views window replacement.

While temperatures in Phoenix don't dip too far down the scale, it does get cold enough here that condensation can form on the inside of windows that are not properly sealed. If you notice on a January morning that your windows are wet or frosty, you will need Southern Views window replacement.

A draft is also a perfect indicator that your windows are not sealed properly and need replacement. However, with the climate in this state it is not always so easy to detect a draft. The best way to determine if you need Southern Views window replacement because of drafts is to use the candle test. This test involves running a lit candle along the perimeter of your closed windows (inside the house). Do this very slowly. If there are any spots wherein the candle light flickers, this is an indication of a draft, and you need Southern Views window replacement.