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Sliding Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/30/2022

Deciding to go with horizontal slider windows for your replacement window installation is a fine choice. Some people don't exactly know what a horizontal slider window is. These sliders are basically double hung windows turned on their sides. They slide side to side instead of up and down. They are nice for certain applications such as when the window rough opening is plenty wide but not all that tall. A great horizontal slider window and a nice, deep sill give you a great view of the yard and a wonderful location for a potted plant to get some sun.

Drawing of a sliding window

Choosing The Right Material

As mentioned, there are several materials available for sliding replacement windows. Wood is great for replacement window construction because of its traditional style and beauty. Wood is very durable and easy to stain and paint. Also, since most homes are primarily wooden structures, wooden window fixtures seem to fit very naturally into most homes. Wood does require more maintenance though. Maintaining wood requires more expensive cleaning materials and stains. If it is not treat properly, wood can be susceptible to moisture damage. Also, it is susceptible to rodent and termite infestation. In the long run, keeping up the structural integrity of wood can get expensive.

Another drawback to using wood in sliding replacement windows is that it expands and contracts with the weather. So, in certain wet seasons it may be more difficult to slide windows open and closed. Also, wood is relatively heavy, making it harder to operate sliding replacement windows. Basically, wood is not ideal for window construction, and can be especially cumbersome when used in sliding fixtures. But if you are willing to take the necessary measures it can be a beautiful material that you will surely enjoy.

Aluminum is another great material for sliding replacement windows. Aluminum is lightweight and ideal for vertically sliding window fixtures. But aluminum window fixtures are not considered as aesthetically pleasing. Most aluminum replacement fixtures are metallic or white in color. For this reason, many people prefer the styling of wood. But aluminum is less expensive and more modern looking. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings. But aluminum does have other drawbacks. Since it is a metal, it is subject to rust. And once a window rusts it loses its integrity and can become dangerously weak.

Choosing Vinyl Horizontal Windows

Many customers shopping for sliding replacement windows are choosing vinyl for the material. Vinyl is a great material for window construction because it is very durable and very affordable. Vinyl is lightweight but sturdy. A vinyl replacement window can be easily cleaned with basic household cleansers. It does not require special care or chemicals. And since it is waterproof, you can clean it easily on the exterior with a hose or pressure washer. Many people choose vinyl because it so easy to take care of, but it is also available in may attractive colors, styles, and textures.

There are many styles available in vinyl sliding replacement windows. You can choose a color that will match with and compliment the existing decor of your home. Other people completely define both the interior and exterior design of their home with a bold vinyl window. When accompanied by a paint job you can make your home look like new. And if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, this is a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home. If you make your home stand out from your neighbors, it will sell quicker and at a much higher value.

Slider a Versatile Window Type

For applications where that rough opening is wider than it is tall, horizontal sliders are really the best choice for most homeowners because they give you a cost effective option for a window that can be screened and is low maintenance. These windows are more versatile than others. The slider window can be used in almost any location throughout a home. They are just as appropriate in a bathroom as they are in a living room or kitchen. Their versatility makes them a very useful choice when it comes time to decide which types to place in which locations throughout the home. They also work great in combinations as well.

There are many benefits to using horizontal slider windows for your window replacement. They have the advantage of being available in larger sizes, unlike some other choices. And they can also save you money in a window replacement situation. In areas of a home when you might need two or more of some other window types, you could opt for just one horizontal slider and open up the wall to let in more sunlight while also savings money on material costs. Sliders are versatile enough to deal with most applications. They are an option homeowners can seemingly always turn to in difficult situations, either due to spatial or monetary concerns.

Sliders are Very Easy to Clean

Slider windows are extremely easy to clean. Like double hung windows, they can be cleaned from the inside of the home, so there is no need to get outside and risk injury on ladders to get the outside of your windows cleaned up. Ventilation is a breeze with these windows as well. You can control the air flow in an open window from just the tiniest crack all the way up to half the width of the window. They can also be screened on the inside or the outside of the window to help keep bugs out when the windows are opened. Opening and closing them is easy because in doing so, you are not actually lifting anything. In fact, they are sometimes called glider windows because of the ease of opening and shutting them.

Different Varieties of Horizontal Sliders

There are a few different varieties even within the horizontal window style. One of them is the double slider. In this style of window, both sashes of the window are able to slide past one another horizontally. Single sliders have one sash either on the left side or the right that is moveable, while the other one is non operable and is merely fixed in place.

All in all, horizontal slider windows are a nice low cost option for window replacement projects. They can come in many sizes, which make them versatile. Like double hung windows, they are more prone to drafts than hinged windows with compression seals. Horizontal slider windows are a very good low cost product choice for many different residential home window replacement applications.

Installing Sliding Windows

The installation of replacement windows is not particularly expensive. In fact, the whole process is generally considered to be one of the most cost effective ways of increasing the value of your home. Installing new window fixtures will make your home substantially more expensive, but it will not cost that much. Installation is also affordable because replacing sliding window fixtures does not take too much time. While it does require much expertise, professionals can handle the installation of a moderately sized window in only one day.

The sliding replacement windows are preassembled in a factory according to the measurements of your window frames. Then, a professional contractor will take out the existing window. The installation will take several days, but the task can be handled on a room-by-room basis. This is a good way to reduce the turn over time of your home. You can still comfortably live in your home while it is being remodeled. Make sure that you hire a contractor that is licensed and insured within your state. This will give added insurance that your job will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

Sliding Window Replacement Quotes

There are a number of considerations when it comes to choosing your sliding window replacement job. First of all, what type of material are you looking into? Sliding windows often come in glass and offer an easy cleaning solution. However, you can choose other materials to suit your budget and your needs. What about the thickness of the glass? Are you looking for something that will cut out all noise or are you looking for a thinner glass that breaths better? What room are you looking at renovating? Do you want to replace just one lone slider or are you looking for a complete window renovation?

You want to be sure that your sliding windows are of the utmost quality. You can custom design any sliders to suit your specific styles, designs and space. Sliders can be shaped and molded to fit any small space which is why many people choose them for the bathroom. However, sliders can also complement any room in the house including the kitchen, living room and den. They are easy to open and easier to clean so you can always get the cool breeze and a sparkling view of the outdoors.

Another thing you will need to consider when looking into sliding window replacement is who you want to do the job. Are you looking to hire someone or are you attempting a DIY project? If looking to hire a contractor, it is important that you select a company that has the credentials, the testimonials and the resources to do the job right. Excellent customer service, several years experience in the industry and proper licensing are three things you should always be on the lookout for.

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If you are looking into sliding window replacement, it is important that you do your research and know exactly what you want. Not only should you determine your price range and your material selection, but you should also be sure that you are hiring only the best in window replacement contractors. With an online search of sliding window replacement, you will have instant access to everything you need to know about replacing windows. You can compare the price quotes, research the credibility of each contractor and come up with a window design that is right for your needs.

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