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Single Pane Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Single paned glass window replacement is not as archaic a term as some may make it out to be. Most older homes that still have their original windows have windows of the single paned variety. But contrary to what some consumers think, these windows are not strictly things of the past. They can still be purchased for new window replacement jobs. In terms of replacement windows, double paned glass is the most common variety by far. It has the energy saving property lacking in single paned windows without the cost of triple paned models. But even so, there are still reasons from time to time to think about going with a single paned window in a new replacement context.

Single pane windows sound like an arctic air blast from the past. Yes, they still make them, and yes there are times when it is just what your house or office building need instead of the double variety. For one thing, single pane window is far less expensive to install, purchase and to fix or replace than the double version.

Affordability a Huge Advantage

The affordability of single paned glass window replacement jobs is probably the best thing they have going for them. In contrast to double and triple paned glass windows, single paned models are extremely low cost and very affordable. The price of multi paned windows has come down some in recent times; but even so, no other can touch the single paned for affordability. The price of a project is almost always a big concern to homeowners. If the price of multi paned windows makes using them impossible to afford but a remodel is desperately needed, single paned windows are the best bet.

These windows are also much lighter. This may or may not matter to the homeowner. In fact, it may be more important to the installer than anyone else, since these windows typically install more easily than any other thanks to their lightweight characteristics. And in the same vein, repairing them is a lot simpler as well. If a single sash is broken, it can be replaced more easily and economically than in a multi paned window. This is a big advantage to do it yourselfers and to those who don't have a lot of extra money to deal with issues like broken windows when they come up from time to time. In most cases the entire window does not have to be disturbed for a repair to take place, unlike in multi pane windows.

More Light Gets Through

A single glazed window with clear glass allows more light through than any other type. Some people do not want a whole lot of daylight in their homes. But others try to bring in all the light they can. In homes that do not have very many windows, for example, it is important to take advantage of the daylight we can get to bring some sunshine into the house.

When Single-Pane is a Cost-Efficient Option

Single pane window may not be great for those living in colder climates, when keeping as much heat inside the house is one huge purpose of your window and makes storm window repair easier. Though, when seeking out vinyl replacement windows in warmer climates, such as in Florida, where too much heat trapped inside is extremely uncomfortable, single pane window might be an option.

Of course, Low Emissivity coating, or Low E glass, which is a microscopic layer of metallic coating, helps glass -- even single pane -- to repel the rays of the sun that cause a room to heat up too much. Single pane is a great option in sunny places that do not normally experience extended periods of cold temperatures. The Low E glass keeps heat inside, and cold outside in the winter. Likewise, in the summer, Low E glass keeps the sun's heat outside, allowing for a comfortable temperature inside. This has an inherent energy saving for you.

If you have ever shelled out the money for high end, top of the line window and then realized you had a problem with condensation developing between double pane glass, then you might have experienced an expensive window fix. Often times, with the newer sashes, replacing the "broken" double pane glass window is necessary and actually less time consuming and less expensive than trying to have it fixed. It may not even be a do it yourself project, because it is easy to harm the frame, which makes for a costly fix.

Additionally, it is impossible to re-create the air tight seal, especially with argon gas, once the panes have been separated to repair a problem such as condensation. Therefore, the best you may be able to do is to replace a high end, highly expensive glass. That is when the older version can sometimes be better.

The double glass variety are great for insulation factors, keeping in heat, repelling sun light, but the gas trapped within the panes, or the coating cannot really be replaced once the seals between the two layers are breached. That is when the expensive cost of a replacement will be needed. And, that might be when you consider a single pane window. They are less involved, and can therefore be more easily fixed. Single is sometimes better than double, though maybe not ahead of double glass in the energy savings or Energy Star department.

The added plus of the single pane window, aside from being less expensive to purchase, replace and fix than its double glass counterpart, is that it can be insulated, somewhat. Storm window can still be added for a natural double glass effect during winter months. Single is not a vacuum, or sealed as tightly as double glass with an argon gas added for insulation. Though, the storm inserts for an insulation effect, and effectively blocks the cold temperatures of winter and the biting winds that accompany it.

Making Single-Pane More Efficient

Some often over looked bonuses of the storm window include reduction of outside noise, and also an inherent theft deterrent effect. Burglars would rather not have to break through both a storm glass and single pane glass. And, if you live near a loud intersection, that second layer of glass will help reduce the unwanted distraction of extra noise that comes through a single pane glass.

In addition to a storm sash, you can also add film to single pane window to mimic some of the reflective factors that newer glass has. It can reduce glare, heat and light that enter your home or office, and help maintain kinder temperatures throughout the year. It is also imperative to ensure the optimal performance of the existing single pane window by installing weather stripping to avoid any gaps that might let warm or cool air escape your house or office. Thick, double backed curtains can block cool or hot air and help maintain sunlight. So too can outdoor shades, or awnings.

Single pane window may have been the only option at one time. It still has its fans and its optimal uses, though it takes a few additional products such as storm panes and films. Though, these add-ons can save you money compared to the expense of full double-pane glass with argon gas and Low E glass all in one glass. It is easier to replace and fix the older of the two versions, and less expensive at that. So, do consider the old standard when you choose your next glass.

Disadvantages of Single Paned Windows

There are some surprising benefits to single paned glass window replacement. But there are some disadvantages as well. They have the worst U factor of any window, meaning they are the least energy efficient and let the most heat out. A single glazed window will allow a lot of heat loss, but installing a storm window can effectively counteract this. If you choose to go with single paned glass window replacement, storm windows are a good idea to promote efficiency.

Still widely available in a wide range of different styles and sizes, single paned replacement windows are a long way from being obsolete. As long as people need affordable alternatives to higher priced windows, these windows with just one pane will still be around. They definitely have pertinent uses in certain situations, same as all other models. Single paned glass window replacement is not a portion of the industry reserved for our memory; it still has a place.

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