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Replacing Window Sill

Replacing window sill while installing triple pane window replacements is a simple process that could have many benefits to your home. If you protect your window sill and keep it clean and operable your home will be more comfortable and attractive. Window sills can endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. Wooden sills need to be replaced if they are damaged so that your home is not susceptible to the outside elements. Wood replacements are affordable and easy to change out. But there are other options to consider when choosing a replacement material for your sill.

Vinyl Sills

Many customers are choosing vinyl in replacing window sill because it is a very durable material. Vinyl can last a long time without requiring much maintenance. Vinyl can be cleaned without expensive household cleaners and it can be dusted with a wet cloth. And, it can be cleaned from the outside with a spray down from a hose. For the ease of maintenance alone many customers are replacing wood with vinyl when they decide to replace window sills. Vinyl is increasing available in different colors and textures.

Vinyl is also very energy efficient. Of all the material options vinyl can save you the most money when replacing window sill. Vinyl does not transfer heat like other materials and it can cut down on your heating and air conditioning bills. No matter what time of year it is, vinyl could cut down on your monthly utility bills in every season. If the expensive conditioned air is escaping your home during the hot summer months then you are paying more then you need to every month. And if your heated air is leaking during the cold winters you should consider replacing your window sills. New vinyl sills will also prevent cold air on windy and rainy nights from getting into your home.

Wood is also a great product for replacing window sill. Wood can easily match your existing décor of your house. Since most houses are wooden structure, wooden sills are popular for replacing because they match so easily. Many customers prefer wood because it offers a beautiful and traditional look and feel. Wood can be painted or stained to match almost any color in your home. If you decide to stick with wood when replacing window sill you need to realize that it does take a bit more maintenance than vinyl. Wood cleaner will preserve the quality of your sill. A basic wood cleaner will protect your sill from moisture on the inside and outside of your home. But, you will need to clean a wood sill more often then you would a vinyl sill. But if you take all the proper precautionary measures you can really enjoy your wooden window sills.

The Installation Process

The installation process when replacing window sill is something that you need to leave to professionals. There are building codes and standards that professional contractors will be able to adhere to when replacing your sills. Make sure the contractor you choose is licensed, bonded, and insured within your state. If there is any damage caused to your house during the installation process you will not be financially liable. And if you hire an insured contractor you will not be financially liable if any harm falls upon any persons while working on your property.

Replacing window sill is very detailed work but it does not take too much heavy construction in your house. During the process your house will still be operable and comfortable. You can coordinate the the replacing process so heavy and loud demolition and construction will not be going on at times that you are in the house. And you can plan it so the installers are replacing one window at a time. This way you can plan on clearing out a room before they get there. If the work cannot be completed in one day then that room will simply be inoperable for that night, but the rest of your house will be perfectly livable.

The process of replacing window sill includes four steps. First, you need to clean out the areas surrounding the windows that will be worked on. Second, the installers will prep your house by putting down drop cloths and plastic to protect your home form resulting dusts. Third, the installers will demolish your existing windows and take all the resulting waste away from your home. They fourth step actually takes place at a factory where your sills are preassembled to the exact measurements. The final step of replacing window sill is the installation of the new sills and the cleanup. In the end, the process when properly streamlined can go by in only a couple days. Of course this always depends on the size and amount windows in your home.