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Replacing Window Screens

Replacing window screens in any home is easy to do, affordable, and can provide you with a cost effective way to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying bugs in your home. Whether you have one or twenty screens that need to be replaced, you will find the replacing parts and tools necessary to do the work when you shop online. You can even get quotes from reputable window replacing contractors who will do the work for you if you prefer.

Replacing Screens

Have you started to notice there seem to be a lot more flies and mosquitoes in your home lately? If so, you might want to examine the screens in your home to determine if they need replacing. Chances are you will find small holes or tears in at least one of your screens where the bugs are getting through and will necessitate some home window repair.

Fortunately, replacing window screens is an easy project and affordable. You can replace these units in a variety of different ways. There are kits that can be purchased which will provide you with all of the material to make your own. These kits are perfect for odd shaped or larger sized windows. You can also purchase a completely new fully assembled unit that is in a frame and is ready to install. Simply remove the old one and put the new one it its place.

Replacing window screens is easy to do yourself if you are even a little handy with tools. Depending on the windows you have, the screen replacement steps will vary. Most window screens fit inside a frame that slides into a channel present on the window frame. Before replacing window screens, you will want to remove the unit from the window and release the old screen by removing the spline that holds it in place.

The next step to replacing window screens, is to place the new screen in place using a new spline and spline roller. The spline is made to roll into a small channel located in the frame. The screen is caught between the spline and the frame, locking it into place. While rolling the spline into place, be sure to keep the screen taught to keep it from bunching in one area. Once you have the spline in place, you can cut off the excess and reinstall the screen frame into the window frame.

If you would like to have a contractor replacing window screens in your home, be sure to get quotes from several who are licensed and insured. Because these projects are very inexpensive and easy to do, you may want to save on the contractor costs and hire a repairperson to do the work instead. Be sure to have all the units done at the same time to eliminate multiple trip visits and higher costs from the contractor.

Repairing Screens

If you are looking for a temporary fix, you can repair a screen rather than replacing window screens in your home. Keep in mind the repairs are only temporary. If you are seeing tears or holes in the units, they probably are due for replacing. To repair a tear or hole, cut a small patch out of a new section of screen. Remove some of the wires from each side and set them aside to be used later.

Next, bend the wires around the patch into a ninety degree angle. The easiest way to do this is to set it on top of a small board and bend the wires against the board. Once the wires are bent, put them through the old screen over the tear or hole. Bend the wires back against the backside. You will then want to use the wires you set aside to weave through the patch to secure it in place. This will help to keep the patch solid until the entire unit can be replaced.

To patch smaller holes, you can use epoxy, glue, or even clear calking. Simply put a small amount in the hole and let dry. This will allow for a clear seal that is not as noticeable as a patch. It will also provide an excellent barrier against bugs until a full replacement can be installed. Remember, the patches are just temporary. If you have one hole, you will probably get more before long. By replacing the units entirely, you will ensure less problems later.

Replacing window screens is very easy and affordable. You can either choose to do the replacements yourself, or you can hire a contractor to do the work for you. No matter what size you have in your home, there are kits available online that will allow you to match any window. Shop online before replacing window screens to get the best prices for what you need.