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Replacing Basement Windows

Replacing basement windows is something that probably isn't done as often as any other window replacing on the home. But when it is done and the new units are well installed and energy efficient, it can really help the home's efficiency as a whole. Folks who do not spend a lot of time in their basement often don't realize what a big part of the house this area is. And since it is heated along with the rest of the home, it has just as much of a need for energy savings. In fact, there are certain ways in which basements actually need extra help.

For example, some homeowners close the registers on the ductwork in the downstairs area of the home. The thought is to conserve more of that warm air for the main living quarters. And this does surely help in that regard. But the result for basements is that they are even colder than they would be otherwise. The need for energy efficiency is paramount to keep the room from being unbearably cold in the winter. But most of the time old basement windows let out all the heat because they are at the top of the wall above the exterior grade. Cold air seeps in through bad seals. The need for replacement basement windows is significant even when basements are not finished. Cold air from down there often creates convection of sorts at the door to the staircase from the main floor. Residents feel a chill as soon as they open that door.

Basement Windows and Tax Savings

It is interesting that people think nothing of creating uneven temperatures in the house and causing furnaces to kick on and off with these setups in their basements. What they should be focusing on in this effort to save are ways they can increase efficiency in that part of the home. One important step in doing so is replacing basement windows. When we select Energy Star products for these installations, the upfront cost is partially negated by the energy savings. And tax savings are also available to buyers that qualify. This means that Energy Star products save you in at least three different ways. They provide a tax credit and save you there. They help cut energy bills and save you there. And these windows help furnaces run more efficiently and last longer, saving on replacement costs.

Replacing a Window for Aesthetics

Monetary savings are great and everyone loves saving money. But sometimes replacing basement windows is something people do just for looks. Getting rid of those old, clunky units and replacing them with beautiful new ones seriously upgrades the exterior of the house. Replacing basement windows for the benefit of aesthetics is commonly done when the exterior of the home is being remodeled. For example, if your home is getting new siding you might consider replacing aluminum windows to complement the new vinyl. It is easy enough to do the work, and the cost of these units is quite minimal compared to a lot of others.

When homeowners are looking for a comprehensive upgrade to the look of their homes exterior, replacing basement windows might not be the first thing on their mind. But when this detail is forgotten and new siding is installed around the existing window, the need becomes glaringly obvious. These are details that ideally should be attended to before the replacement siding is installed, so that the window can be flashed in properly to keep water from getting in behind the siding. It is a big detail to think about even though the physical area is usually small.

Installing Replacement Daylight Windows

Another common reason people have for replacing basement windows is to create more natural daylight in the basement. Replacing basement windows with daylight windows greatly adds to the light that can enter in downstairs, and also adds a safer emergency escape route for anyone who might be staying down there. Replacing a window with a larger one takes quite a bit of work. The right tools and the right know how are needed. Sometimes excavation away from the house has to be done. And of course, replacing basement windows with daylight units takes money as well. When excavation and cutting into the wall to create a wider rough opening are factored in, the cost can be quite high. But many homeowners find that it is worth the price.

Replacing a basement window is an undertaking that is sometimes a bit easier than many window jobs around the house because these ones are usually so small. Replacing any window correctly requires an understanding of water flow and the installation style required to make it weatherproof. Replacing basement windows is an appropriate action for homeowners in an assortment of circumstances.