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Replacement Window Sizes

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Replacement window sizes are a key feature to get to know if you are getting ready to remodel of if you are taking measurements to bring to a supply house. There are some standard sizes and some custom for replacement windows. The expense of the windows will have a lot to do with the sizes of the component pieces, not just in terms of how large they are but also as far as whether or not they were standard sizes.

Standard Size Window Replacements

Finding some replacement window sizes is easy. There are many replacements manufactured to some of the most common standard sizes. These common sizes have specific height and width, and have been around for decades. A seasoned installer can just look at standard windows before pulling them and will not even need to measure to know that they are standard and to know their measurement. Just like that, you know your replacement window sizes.

The advantage of creating standard sizes is that it allows inexpensive mass production. What is true of new construction windows is also true of replacement windows. The measurement at the standardized size is also something that most rough carpenters are aware of, so they will (theoretically) leave the rough opening at the correct height and width to accept the window. There should be enough room in the rough opening to get the unit in and not a whole lot more. If anything the installer can place a few shims where they need to go and then fasten the unit into place.  Take a look at replacement window reviews and find a quality product.

Custom Size Windows

Unlike their generic counterparts, custom size windows do not follow a pattern and are not mass produced. In most cases they are actually produced one at a time, which makes them extremely expensive relative to a generic size frame of the same or similar bulk. The fabrication process and not that bulk is mainly what you are paying for when you buy these custom size units.

Customized frames are neat for use in bathrooms or even in walls separating a hallway from the great room in a home. They can be used in places where there is not enough room for a standard ore where the rough carpenter made a mistake and no one else caught it until it was too late. They look and function exactly the same as any other window except for their unusual size.

Replacement Window Measurements

Getting an idea of how big to order replacements can be tricky. There are a few different techniques that can work. You just have to write down what you actually measured and let the window company know. Determining replacement window sizes takes a tape measure and a notebook. The first method involved measuring while the window is still completely installed. Measure across the jamb at the top, middle, and bottom, and take the smallest of the three measurements. Do not measure across the stop, but make sure to measure off of the jamb. Do the same to get replacement window sizes from top to bottom.

This alternate method may simplify things a bit, but it must be done with caution. Remove the trim on the interior side of the unit and measure the old window's height and width. Account for warping by checking the top and bottom and the left and right. Try to see if the new one would have any room if it were the exact same, or if you should take an eighth of an inch off.

Replacement window sizes affect the cost of windows tremendously. The physical size is important because it determines how much material cost is involved. And any customized size will be expensive as much for the non automated labor as for any other reason.

Determining replacement window sizes ahead of time is a handy way to get a good idea of what a whole job will cost before that job even gets started. If you can get a good measure, you can get a good quote. It is very convenient for replacement jobs to have this option so that homeowners or contractors do not have to guess or try to create some sort of formula to determine what their cost is going to be.

Replacement windows cost a certain amount per unit partially based on how big they are. Finding out replacement window sizes gives you a chance to get all the information you need on overall material price which is extremely helpful for financial management purposes. Each replacement job is unique so it is always a good idea to get a measure of every unit and take it all down. It is the only way to be accurate. Understanding replacement window sizes can help make this process much simpler and also a whole lot faster too.

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