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Replacement Window Sashes

Replacement window sashes are a great way to upgrade the windows in your home without fully tearing out the entire trim and wall frame of the fixture. The sashes of a window are usually the two frames that slide in the track. In most windows only one of the sashes actually slides. In double hung window frames both the upper and lower sash can be slid the length of the track. Through a system of counterweights within each sash the weight of each is balanced so it can even hang in the middle of the frame. With minimal construction you can upgrade an existing casement with replacement options to save money on the overall project.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

By installing replacement window sashes in your home you can make it much more energy efficient. Much air seeps in and out of window frames. The sash frames can absorb and transfer heat in and out of you house making it much hard to keep your house at the desired temperature during every month of the year. Replacement sashes will not absorb heat as quickly, so during the warm summer months you will be able to reduce your usage of air conditioners and electric fans. And during the winter months you will be able reduce your dependence on heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces because replacement sashes serve as great insulators. Also, when you have your replacement window sashes installed the contractor will be able to make them fit tightly and securely to reduce any seepage of air. Your expensively cooled air will not be escaping during the hot summer days. And, during the cold winter days the harsh outside air will have a harder time penetrating and affecting the interior temperature of your home.

You can make your replacement window sashes even more durable and energy efficient if you choose vinyl. Vinyl is a great replacement material for such construction because it does not transfer heat as quickly as aluminum or wood. And it serves as a great insulator so it is ideal for the cold winter months. Vinyl is also extremely waterproof and weather resistant. It is non-porous so it cannot be permeated by water. It is also amazing because it can be simply cleaned with household cleaners and wet rags. You do not need to invest in any expensive chemicals to maintain the structural quality of vinyl replacement sashes. Also, it never needs to be painted or stained so you will save a good amount of money over the years through the ease of maintenance.

Using Wood

Wood is another alternative to vinyl replacement window sashes. It is a beautiful material that is highly sought after because it offers a traditional feel and style that is hard to replicate. It is also possible to paint and stain wood to nearly any color so there is much freedom in design when choosing wood. The trim around a wooden sash can be custom designed by a woodworking expert to give an added touch of class and originality to your window fixtures. This also make it possible to make the wood frames fit in with the existing décor of your furniture, cabinets, molding, and flooring. There is much beauty and stylistic range if you choose wood but it is not the most practical material of usage on replacement window sashes.

Wood is not exactly the most practical or affordable material for usage on replacement window sashes. It is not as strong as vinyl or aluminum and it is not naturally waterproof. This means that is can bend and warp and makes the sashes unstable. If a sash is unstable, the glass panes within can be compromised. Wood can expand and contract as the moisture content and temperature of the air fluctuate. This means that is can be problematic even when it is not precipitating. If a wooden sash becomes swollen it may not open and close with ease. It is always dangerous when your have to force and jam fixtures opened and closed.

Replacement window sashes are a great way to speed up the process of upgrading your windows. If you window fixtures are in disrepair then new sash frames will make them much more operable and sturdy. And, if they are out of date or out of style, you can give them a much need facelift with smartly chosen replacement styles. If you want to increase the resale value of your property you should consider investing in replacement window sashes. If the trim and structure of the wall frames in your home are in good condition you do not need to replace the entire fixture. Replacing the just the sash of the window can make it look and work like it is brand new.