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Replacement Window Reviews

Replacement window reviews include ratings on different brands and product lines designed to give consumers an idea of what the best windows might be for them. Most of the time, the vast majority of those of us outside the industry are not the slightest bit comfortable making basically blind choices on which window to pick or which products to buy for our homes. Luckily for all of us, there are many different replacement window reviews of different sorts available for us to access and use at our discretion.

The Energy Star certification program administered by the NFRC is a very significant ratings system. Specifically, it rates windows on their performance on energy efficiency testing (such as how they rate on heat loss). Various consumer groups rate products and commodities, and with public access to much of this information, it is certainly easy to get a glimpse of what people are saying about different brands in these replacement window reviews. And of course, we can also stack up products according to their financial cost. The only review that matters is yours. If you are happy with a window product, then it is a victory for the manufacturer and for you as well.

Energy Star Window Certification

First and foremost among these replacement window ratings and reviews is the Energy Star certification program. This program was devised under orders of the U.S. government. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the group commissioned to administer the program. What Energy Star and its designation mean to consumers is that we have an accurate, impartial and transparent method of comparing various competing products against one another. Since the rating system is uniform, products from competing brands all participate and are scored the same way using the same set of standards. So if you have an Energy Star product, you know that it was certified as a high achiever according to the NFRC ratings system that identified the energy performance of fenestration products.

Energy Star products have an added bonus that probably greatly enhances their ability to sell. These are typically the top of the line replacement windows for various companies, which means top of the line pricing as well. But with this label, all of a sudden these replacement windows are eligible for a tax credit. The tax savings makes them far more attractive to buyers long enough for them to look and see that these products are high performers that will help save money on energy bills for years. People who have to replace windows are more likely to do it with an Energy Star window as long as the tax credit is available.

Consumer Reviews of Replacement Windows

Just like the NFRC, various consumer groups and consumer advocacy groups regularly test windows and review them. And these replacement window reviews are normally available for free online. The web is a powerful research tool for anyone who wants more information to help them make a decision. But it can also be a place that's home to some confusion. Anyone who wants to can publish anything they want whenever they want online. For this reason we have to be careful about replacement window reviews. Consider the source of the window reviews and whether the source had any axe to grind.

It is tough to find objective data on replacement windows performance. Replacement window reviews of all types are definitely our best hope but we must always use them with caution. Without any doubt they can be dangerous. But there are some very safe ways we can do our own reviews of replacement products. Do your own replacement window reviews and learn something new about the products you're interested in.

Window Replacements Cost Comparison

The safest of all are price reviews. This is publicly available information that gives us a simple piece of data to use to compare. Now just because our reviews show that one brand is more expensive than the other does not necessarily have to mean that we choose the cheaper one. It is just another component worth looking at. In fact, an astute consumer might set up a cross reference of sorts, combining two replacement window reviews into one. Take the time to check the ratings on a replacement product you think you might like, and then compare those to the cost or to how it did in consumer surveys.

To replace windows takes some time and some money. All of us are well aware of that. But before that first unit is torn out and replaced, the homeowner should be supremely confident in the windows she picked for the job. Do you have that kind of confidence in a product? Reading up on and maybe even modifying some replacement window reviews might help you develop some of that confidence.