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Replacement Window Rating

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Replacement window rating is a measure given to a window or a brand or a product line by an organization that denotes how that group feels about the product. There are many powerful organizations nationwide that are dedicated to the protection of consumer rights. These groups often get together to rate products according to their analysis of the product performance. On top of these various groups there is also the one groups directly associated with the federal government, the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). NFRC rates windows, doors, and skylights as well as various other products according to their energy efficiency.

And of course in this day and age replacement window rating just wouldn't be complete without blogs and social media commenting away about it, 140 characters at a time. Between these three groups and others, consumers have some powerful access to honest opinions of individuals and statistics based on group demographics. These tools can be a big help when we're trying to choose a replacement window manufacturer or model for our own homes.

National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

Perhaps not all that many people have heard of the National Fenestration Rating Council. But most everyone has head of Energy Star products and the program that certifies them. NFRC is the organization that administers the Energy Star program. They come up with the uniform industry wide tests that determine which products get the coveted label with the fancy green star. This really is a big deal because products that are priced a little higher than competing products offered by other brands can still sell in the marketplace because the Energy Star provides legitimacy to companies' claims of energy efficiency.

The cost of replacing windows is sometimes higher when products like those labeled by the NFRC are involved. But currently there are actually tax savings available to certain homeowners who qualify in exchange for the purchase of these products. This tax credit can save buyer a lot of money in replacement window pricing and help them recover some of the cost of their purchase. But eligibility restrictions do apply, and the program may not be extended much longer so it is important for anyone interested in energy savings and a tax credit to read up on the NFRC and on the Energy Star program to get acquainted with the specifics of the program and on its requirements and other information.

Consumer Advocacy Replacement Window Rating

Like the NFRC, various consumer groups also participate in various tests on replacement window products from time to time. Unlike the NFRC, these groups also sometimes publish findings from surveys on consumer satisfaction with these products. These pieces of data are almost more important to some people than scientific information comparing performance head to head. Energy savings measured in actual savings observed as opposed to savings predicted from a mathematical model tends to be a more powerful lobbying tool. Replacement window jobs are pricey and it takes everything the replacement window industry has to convince us that these jobs are worth doing. But some of these consumer groups from time to time are making their jobs easier.

Blogs and Social Media

Sometimes finding the best replacement windows just takes logging on and getting into our social media sphere. The new media online is more powerful all the time as consumers band together in a spider web of connectivity. Finding a replacement window rating here just takes logging on and asking around. Those of us who are really connected can see a replacement window rating almost as soon as we are done typing the question.

Rating any window company or product these days does not take credibility or expertise. It just takes connectivity. Consumers looking for a fair replacement window rating should be wary of who or what source they get their rating from. It could mean the difference between impartial judging and a vendetta of some sort. Thus it is very important for anyone getting online to research and look for a replacement window rating on a product or product line they are looking into. Be careful of the source you're getting information. This is especially true of social media and blogs.

Potential buyers looking for a replacement window rating write up on a product they're interested in might have access to information coming from all directions. These days, our computers are like pied pipers calling in this kind of information. We need to weed out what we find based where it came from. Reputable publically recognized sources are the best ones to make use of. Consumers reading rating information for replacement windows can learn a lot, but they can also get conflicting stories depending on where they look. Keep it simple and access data only from publically recognized sources when you look for replacement window rating.

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