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Replacement Storm Windows

Replacement storm windows are an important investment for homeowners that may not have the money to tear out and replace their old window units but that want to increase their home's energy efficiency and ventilation. They are windows that mount either to the inside or the outside of the existing window. They can be temporarily mounted just for seasonal protection, as they commonly are in the wintertime in chilly northern climates; or, they can be permanently affixed for year round use. The replacement storm windows that get permanently attached typically include screens for great year round use and ventilation in the hot summer months.

Consumers who lack the funds to tear out their old windows or who just do not want to lose the historical charm of the ones in the home may opt for replacement storm windows as a compromise because, unlike replacement sash windows, many of them are removable and because they address the issue of energy efficiency without the necessity of a tear out of the old units and the resulting disturbance it might cause to the home and to the architectural details in and around the window areas. Many cottages in the north have these units installed. In many cases these homes were built as summer getaways so not too much attention was initially paid to the quality of the windows. But as time went by and winter nights were spent there, many owners realized the need to protect the homes better from heat loss. Whether you're at home or in your home away from home, replacement storm windows are an excellent low cost choice for you to address this issue without a huge and expensive remodeling project.

Storm Window Energy Savings

The benefits of installing a storm window are numerous. One of the biggest and most immediate is the energy savings homes get when this installation is done. Houses that use a lot of energy due to drafty or otherwise inefficient window units are not comfortable to live in. The home temperature is hard to regulate and the furnace often kicks on and off inappropriately as the thermostat gets confused by the uneven temperatures in the air. But promoting energy efficiency and eliminating those drafts with storm windows creates a much more conducive environment toward positive HVAC function and a more comfortable home.

In addition, replacement storm windows obviously cut energy bills. The reduced workload of the furnace or the air conditioner means lower energy bills. And in addition, some replacement storm windows may also qualify buyers for tax savings. The tax credit that may be available to some buyers can really help recover a good chunk of the initial purchase cost. Look for details online and find out more about the federal Energy Star program and its great financial benefits for consumers who participate.

Best Replacement Storm Window

Replacement window jobs are done for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a replacement window is installed strictly because of the need for greater energy efficiency. When this is the case, the best replacement windows are the ones that will deliver the best energy performance. This information is easy to find. Consumers who are in the market and who need good data on energy efficiency should check with reputable independent testing agencies such as the NFRC before they shop. Do not count on manufacturers' claims, because their methods of testing may not be uniform relative to one another.

Others buy replacement storm windows for the sake of summer ventilation. If your windows have no screens and you wish to be able to keep them open in the summer but do but do not want bugs getting in and other things like that to deal with, look into the replacement units that offer the best ventilation. Choose a model that is screened and that is easy to open and close. You may also want to think about whether to opt for a storm window that mounts on the inside or outside of the home. The answer will depend in this case on the accessibility of the screens. Get a good look in person at anything you buy before you pay for it and find out exactly how the unit opens and closes. Some removable units may be just a screen that mounts on the outside so you can open the permanent window on the inside.

The best replacement storm windows are quite simply the ones that take care of your needs while also fitting in to your budget. There are numerous quality product lines out these so it is not an issue for homeowners to find a great replacement storm window for their home. The biggest issue is narrowing it down to the replacement storm windows that do the best job for you at the best cost.