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Last updated on 01/04/2022

Replace windows in your residence for an affordable price when you shop online and compare rates from top providers. If you have noticed that the old casements are becoming very drafty, or that the wood around your old home's windows is looking a little beat up, you may want to replace windows to increase your home's energy efficiency while giving your residence a whole new look in the process. You will be amazed at how much of a facelift your house will get when you replace windows.

Do you love your house, but hate the heating and air conditioning bills? Have you put your house on the market but are being told it is a little too dated? Would you like to realize tax benefits for making your house more energy efficient? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to replace windows in the home. If you replace windows it will not only save you money on the energy bills you have, but will also give the home a newer, more updated look, and will give you a tax benefit if you use approved energy efficient products.

Window Replacing

If you would like to replace windows in your home but have a limited budget, you may want to consider replacing them yourself to save money on the construction costs. The first step to replace them yourself is to measure the unit. For the width, measure the top, bottom, and middle. For the length, measure the right and left sides and the middle. Record the smallest measurement to replace it with the best fit.

Once you have the correct size requirements, you can purchase your bay, double hung, or picture window replacement unit by shopping online. Once the new unit arrives, you are ready to begin to replace your old units. Start the replacement by carefully removing the inside stops. Set these aside as you will be able to replace them later. The next step is to carefully cut through the nails that are attaching the old unit to the frame. If these are screws, you can use a drill to remove them rather than cutting through them.

Remove the old unit from the frame. Inspect the frame thoroughly to ensure there is no damage or rotted area. If the frame is solid remove any old paint or other debris from the frame by using a putty knife. Use expanding foam to insulate any holes that are around the frame. Let it dry before moving on.

Once the foam has dried, you may cut off any excess with a utility knife. Dry fit the new unit. If it fits, set it aside and calk the inside edge and outside window stops. Place the new window into the opening. Check to be sure the window is square by measuring diagonally across both ways. If the measurements match, the unit is square, if they do not, you can use shims to level the window.

Once you have the window leveled, cut the shims off flush against the window. Replace the inside strops that you removed from the old unit, and then calk against the window frame. Check the outside area of the window. If there is a gap you can add a small piece of wood to cover it. Be sure to calk any outside seams. The new window is now installed and ready to enjoy.

Energy Tax Benefits

You will not only realize excellent heating and air conditioning savings when you replace windows in your home, but may also qualify for tax savings as well when you use Energy Star approved windows. Energy Star provides tax incentives to homeowners as a way to get them to use energy efficient materials for their home improvement projects.

There are three items that determine a window's energy efficiency, solar heat gain, air infiltration, and U value. The solar heat gain is the measurement of the amount of solar energy that passes through the windows. In areas like Alaska where there is very little sun at times, it is preferable to have a higher solar heat gain than in areas like California.

The air infiltration is the amount of air that can penetrate around the perimeter of the windows. Lastly, the U value, or U factor is the measurement of the amount of heat that moves through the window. The lower the U value the more insulated the window.

Replace windows in a residence today to realize excellent energy savings. If you replace windows with Energy Star windows, you will not only save even more money on the heating and air conditioning bills, but may also qualify for tax savings as well. Shop online today to find the best prices on windows to replace your old ones.

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