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Park West Window Replacement In San Diego, California

Last updated on 11/15/2019

Park West window replacement can be just the thing to add style to your San Diego residence. The best way to add curb appeal is by doing things that increase the function of the property while giving it a fresh, updated look. Finding a Park West company that is willing to do the work for a discounted price is an even better option.

It may seem difficult to find a deal on Park West window replacement but a bit of research before you get started makes the San Diego window process much easier. A window has a long lifetime so it is likely that Park West homeowners have not shopped in this market recently. Doing your research on what new features are available and what the average cost is will help you find a company that fits your needs well.

Dealing with Convection

It is common knowledge that Southern California has a warm climate. This is ideal for many homeowners, but only if the warm air stops at the front door of their San Diego property. A replacement window plays a vital role in making your home more comfortable by allowing less air to pass through the seal, giving your air conditioner a break since each room will stay at a more consistent temperature. But airflow is not the only culprit when it comes to heating up a room. You must also cut down on convection when trying to keep a room comfortable.

Many confuse a drafty window with one causing convection, but this is not the case. Convection occurs when a window is heated by the sun which then heats the air that comes in contact with the glass. This air then rises, pushing cooler air down against the glass where it is heated causing a warming cycle throughout the room. Replacement windows will only stop this problem if you take measures on your own to reduce the cycle before you start your Park West window replacement project.

The easiest way to cut down on convection is to make all the vents in your Park West rooms readily available. Move your furniture so all the vents for your air conditioner are in an open space giving the cold air plenty of room to move. This will help combat the air that is being pushed up against your replacement panes stay cool so it does not start the convection cycle.

Purchasing window treatments alongside your Park West window replacement will also help with convection. Blinds will shut out the sun, helping to keep your windows cool but they also allow air flow between the slats so air does not become trapped against the glass making it incredibly hot. Many Park West window replacement companies also sell blinds. See if you can get both installed at once to cut down on your shopping.

Southern CA cools down at night so you can use open your California replacement frames to allow the night air to naturally push out the heat from the day. If your Park West address is located in an open area, be sure to add a durable screen to your Park West window replacement purchase to prevent something from crawling inside when you leave the window open. If your Park West home feels especially stuffy, set a fan in the frame so it blows outside. This will suck the hot air out of the room and push it into the California desert.

Keeping Replacement Frames Clean

New products come with new instructions for keeping them clean and functional. The last thing you want to do is go through all the trouble of installing new panes in your Park West residence only to have them ruined by stains. Vinyl and wood frames clean differently so it is important to find a cleaning product that is intended for the Park West window replacement products you chose.

If the CA replacement company you chose installed chemically treated panes it is important to ask what cleaning products you can use on them. Some treatments will break down when they come in contact with ammonia, eliminating many common cleansers from your cleaning arsenal. There are many natural cleaners available but you may have to experiment with them to see which leaves a streak-free surface. Ask your Park West window replacement company which the recommend.

Before your Park West window replacement company leaves be sure to ask them the proper way to open the frame for cleaning. There is probably a series of latches that must be undone so you can move the windows to reach every surface. You may wish to write down the instructions they give you so you can reference them the first few times you go through the process before you are familiar with the steps.

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