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Can I Get Replacements For Odd Size Windows?

As most anyone can probably guess, the simplest and least expensive windows to produce are those of the various standard sizes. Window companies can and do crank these out in large quantities. When windows of these sizes are ordered by customers, there is generally very little waiting period, if any, to deliver the windows to the house. Often the only waiting time involves getting the delivery schedule worked out and getting a crew out to the job to remove the old windows and install the new ones. Clearly, most window companies would probably prefer to deal with standard sizes more often than not.

Odd Size Windows a Challenge

Oddly sized and shaped windows can be somewhat of a challenge. The companies that order out their supplies have to wait on these windows to be custom manufactured in small quantities. The trouble isn't getting the window built. It is usually finding the production time to do it that causes the complications and delays. Often times, customers and installation companies have to wait for several weeks to receive custom sized orders.

Custom Windows Can Be Done

But even though they are a challenge, custom windows are doable. The person measuring the job has to get accurate numbers for the rough opening where the existing window sits. In most cases this will mean that the trim or casing around the window will have to be removed at least temporarily. Since it can be hard to remove old trim without damaging it, temporary removal can become permanent very quickly.

Replacements for odd sized windows are usually not found in stock with window production companies, but most reputable manufacturers will build them. Expect to pay a lot more for these windows and wait longer to get them.