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How Long Will My New Windows Last?

Replacement windows are great to have installed throughout your home. They are an affordable solution to having better windows that are not as drafty. Replacement windows also look great and they are easy to clean and lubricate.

Can They Last Many Years?

A replacement window can last a single day or they can last for many years to come. The main factor that determines how long replacement windows last is their overall quality. Windows that are made cheap can fail in just a few years. There are, however, vinyl windows out there today that have been installed in their respective homes for the past 40 years and they are holding strong.

What's interesting is that cheap windows can end up being the most expensive windows because of having to prematurely replace them. If an individual continues to purchase cheap windows, then they will be paying many times what they would have to pay in a lifetime.

How Do You Identify High Quality?

When your replacement windows are installed, there are several ways to identify whether or not they are of a high quality. The first is the noise reduction that you experience. You will find that some of the outside noise is reduced. A second telltale factor is how sturdy they feel when you operate their locks, press their buttons, and tilt them in to clean them. Sometimes the feel can be enough to determine quality.

As for how long replacement windows last, even the highest quality replacement windows need to be taken care of. This means cleaning them, checking them for spaces around the window's frame that can sometimes occur when a home settles. Doing the occasional inspection can keep your windows in great shape. This, in turn, will save you a lot of money on windows and energy costs.