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How Do I Lubricate Replacement Windows?

Last updated on 05/10/2022

Replacement window and new glass care is very important because it ensures the longevity of your windows. Regularly cleaning, looking for any damage and fixing it, and even maintaining the structure of your home around the windows can make a considerable difference.

It should not be out of the question for your replacement windows to last up to 40 years or even more when taken care of. You should not have to really do much to your windows early in life other than the occasional lubrication, cleaning, and self-inspection.

Should Replacement Windows be Lubricated?

Lubricating replacement windows helps you keep your hinge tracks, operator gear, and brass and arm rivets in good operation.

Another part that may need to be lubricated is the operator wheel.

One section that does not require lubrication is the lock handle. If there is any resistance, you simply need to loosen screws and do any adjusting that needs to be done before retightening them.

So yes, your replacement windows should definitely be lubricated. It must be done to ensure they are in continuous operating condition.

How to Lubricate Replacement Windows

First, you want to lubricate your replacement windows once per year. You do this by simply lubricating the hinge tracks so that you can ensure smooth movement. If your operator wheel comes away from the track, you know it needs lubricated. Ensuring it is lubricated yearly will reduce the chances the operator wheel will move off of the track.

Basically, you want to lubricate all moving parts once per year with a product that is or is similar to WD-40.

By properly lubricating the moving parts of your replacement windows, you shouldn't have any problem making sure your windows operate correctly and last a really long time. Proper maintenance will also ensure visual appeal.

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