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What is Low e Glass and Why is it Important?

Low e glass is the subject of much attention in the advertising done by window companies. For this reason, many homeowners thinking about window replacement have low e glass on their minds when they are shopping around for window products and installers. But most of the time they don't really know what it is or what it accomplishes. Low e glass is short for low emissivity glass. It is an important feature that homeowners should take some time considering when they make their window replacement choices. It does add to the cost of the job, but the benefits of certified low e glass may outweigh those increased costs.

Low E Means Low Emissivity

Low e glass is low emissivity. It is designed to be more efficient than ordinary window glass, especially during the hot, sunny summer months. It has a thin coat of material on the surface of the glass that allows it to be more efficient. What this material does is help the window reflect heat rather than allowing into the home. It keeps that heat out of the home, meaning the inside of the house stays much cooler and more comfortable on those hot summer days. It helps with your air conditioning bill because the unit will not have to run at breakneck speed all day long just to outpace the ravages of the sun and keep the house cool.

Low E Helps in Winter

Low emissivity glass is best known for reflecting heat in the summer, but it does the exact same thing in the winter months as well. The only difference is that the heat it reflects comes from inside the home. In other words, low e glass keeps the home warmer in the winter as well as cooler in the summer.