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Low E Glass Window Replacement

Low E glass window replacement is an energy saving option that helps your home's heating and cooling system run more efficiently while improving the overall comfort of the home and helping the furnace and air conditioner keep it at a consistent temperature with less strain. Low E is unique in the way it works. This type of insulating glass allows natural light to enter freely through the window pane and into the home. But a sizable portion of the long and short wave energy associated with that sunlight is reflected off the window surface and kept outside. This helps maintain that ideal temperature in the home and lower energy costs.

How Low E Glass Works

In the summertime, long wave heat energy bounces or reflects off of the window, which not only helps maintain a comfortable cool temperature but also protects carpeting, couches and other furniture from color fade. In the wintertime, internal long wave heat energy in the house is bounced or reflected off the inside surface of the window and kept in the house, lowering the amount of energy and money it takes to maintain a certain temperature and to keep the room comfortable for you all winter long.

In any weather Low E glass is a great asset for any home and a great partner for heating and cooling systems. Homeowners who have upgraded to high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners should understand that the efficiency statistics they got with these products are only true in application if the products in question are installed in a house that is otherwise energy efficient in itself. If you wish to make an investment in high efficiency products, you must recognize that they all work together with other products in other parts of the home to achieve their maximum efficiency. In a house that is poorly insulated, neither the best quality window replacement job nor the highest efficiency furnace can really solve the problem of a chilly house unless the wall and attic insulation issue is addressed.

How Low E is Made

Soft coat Low E, also called sputter coating, is applied in multiple layers of transparent silver that's sandwiched in between layers of metal oxide in a vacuum chamber. The whole process guarantees the highest level of performance and results in a coating that is almost completely invisible to the naked eye. Often argon is added in between the panes. Argon gas is an inert gas found naturally in the atmosphere. On a molecular level argon is very large, and for this reason it does not move very fast. This makes it an ideal blanket to rest between the panes of a double glazed Low E glass window to help cut down on the transfer of heat, cold, and even sound.

Low E Energy Star Windows

Energy Star rated window replacement products can qualify homeowners for tax benefits in some cases. The Energy Star program focuses on the energy efficiency of household products such as windows and labels high performers with the program logo as a visual representation of energy efficiency exceeding governmental standards. Low E glass window replacement is an excellent way for homeowners to get qualified for these great tax benefits and save big money on their window investment on their homes. Anyone who wishes to learn more can explore all of the details they need and avenues of savings online.

There are many different benefits to choosing Low E or low emissivity windows. Not the least of these benefits is great energy performance and the resulting efficiency you'll see in your home.