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Lincoln Park Window Replacement

Lincoln Park window replacement can be beneficial for Chicago, IL homes that are modern or classical in style. Classical architecture refers to that of eras such as ancient Greece or Rome, or the Renaissance periods. It seems no matter how much time passes, or how many new ideas architects come up with people in the Lincoln Park, Illinois are always drawn back to these ancient forms for our inspiration. The reason for this is simple. They are beautiful and timeless. There are a couple of Lincoln Park window replacement types that you can choose that will bring a little bit of classicism to your home.

Palladian Style

Palladian style windows are a good choice for your Lincoln Park window replacement. They are unique in style and form, and are made up of three sections of separate Chicago window panes. The center section is typically larger than the two flanking sections. The center window is topped with an arch and the others can also be arched, but are not always so.

The Palladian Lincoln Park window replacement style dates from the Renaissance and classical

eras. They are named after Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect from the Renaissance period. Palladio revived this style, but did not invent it. He based his ideas on classical Roman and Greek styles. While he is not the inventor of this Lincoln Park window replacement style, it bears his name because he was the first to use it in modern times.

Gothic Style

Gothic style windows for your Lincoln Park window replacement are similar to Palladian, with a slight difference. Where the arch at the top of a Palladian style replacement window is a smooth semicircle, a Gothic window comes to a point at the center. Additionally, Gothic replacement windows can come in a trio like their Palladian window counterparts, but they also can be solo.

What These Styles Can do for You

Choosing Gothic and Palladian style windows for your Lincoln Park window replacement can be beneficial choices for many reasons. First, if you have an older style Lincoln Park, IL home that was built in a time of classical revival, you can maintain the old world flare it has while still modernizing your windows. This Illinois window replacement project and modernization will make your home more energy efficient, but will not compromise the classical integrity of your architecture.

If your Lincoln Park home does not have that Renaissance architectural feel but you want it to, Palladian and Gothic replacement windows are a good way to achieve this effect. Normally, you would not be able to update your Illinois home in such a manner without having to either build a new home or do an extensive (and expensive) remodel of your existing one. These replacement windows are elongated, and they can help to give the rooms of your home an illusion of having the high ceilings and walls typical of classical architecture. Once you have installed your Lincoln Park window replacement, adding a few simple touches of décor (such as tapestries hung on a wall or faux animal fur rugs on the floor) can go a long way in achieving in Lincoln Park that European castle feel you have always wanted.

Some people like the look of a classical style home, but also prefer modern decor. Gothic and Palladian replacement windows are a perfect option. The interiors of older, classical style homes can be very modern indeed. The owners of homes like these have not allowed themselves to be limited by the old world style of their architecture. They have mastered the art of maintaining their historical roots while artistically and tastefully plunging themselves into contemporary home decorating. This combination, as anyone who has visited Italy can be a breathtaking achievement.

Your Lincoln Park home can have this effect too, and it doesn't have to be 400 years old (or even 4 years old) to get there.

Adding windows that mimic the Gothic or Palladian style (Gothic giving more of a French feel while Palladian will give more of an Italian feel) you can easily give the exterior of your home a classical, old world feel. If this is done tastefully, it is really all you need to do to make the exterior look like it was built during the time when the world was recreating itself.

For the interior of your Lincoln Park home, you can decorate it in a very modern, tasteful way. The key is to be sure and use your new Gothic or Palladian window as an accent, so that it will add to the décor and not detract from it. Once you have accomplished this you will love the effect the mixture of old Lincoln Park window replacement and new home decor styles has on your home.