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Kensington Window Replacement

When selecting Kensington window replacement, it is important to take into account the warranty offered. A manufacturer's warranty is always offered for any for replacement window, but not all warranties are the same. It's important to understand your options in order to ensure that you are covered for any incidentals that might come up.

Limited vs. Full Warranty

Every Kensington window replacement manufacturer has its own specific warranty. It is important to remember that warranties are designed to protect the Philadelphia window consumer, but they also protect the manufacturer. There are certain items that will void a warranty, and you will want to familiarize yourself with those.

The first thing to note when reviewing the warranty information on your Kensington window replacement is what sort of warranty is offered. There are limited warranties, and there are full warranties. It is important to understand the difference so you can get the best one to fit the needs of your Kensington home.

A full warranty is basically what it implies. Any Pennsylvania business offering a full warranty is legally obligated to fix or replace a covered item with no cost to the consumer. This means that no matter how much cost is involved for The Northeast labor and parts, if it is under warranty the manufacturer will take care of it for free.

A limited warranty is slightly different. With a limited warranty, the PA manufacturer has two options- they can repair the window, or provide to you a full refund. This leaves you with your money back, but still having a defective window in your Kensington home. Additionally, if the manufacturer decides to repair your Kensington window replacement, they can bill you for the costs associated with the repairs. As you can see, a full warranty is always your best bet when ordering any window for your Kensington home.

Other Warranty Options

There are other manufacturer's warranty options for window replacement in the Kensington area to consider when looking into manufacturer's warranties for your Kensington window replacement. For example, what is the duration of the warranty? Some companies in will offer lifetime coverage. This does not mean that your Kensington windows will be repaired or replaced in perpetuity. Depending on the Pennsylvania window style, type and materials used, a typical Kensington window replacement has a lifetime of ten to twenty years. Other warranties will give a specific number of years that the coverage is offered on the replacement.

Another matter to note is whether or not the warranty is transferrable. Some warranties only cover the original PA purchaser of the Kensington window replacement. This means that if you sell your home in Kensington, the warranty on the replacement is void. Other warranties will offer coverage for one subsequent Philadelphia owner, but that usually is only good for one year after the sale of the home. Be sure to understand all of this before considering selling in order to avoid any trouble for the new owner.

There are some replacement manufacturers that are now offering a ten year warranty after the sale of the home. This warranty period would be retroactive, meaning that the original purchase date of the windows. For example, if you purchased your windows on September 1, 2010 and then sell your house on December 15, 2012 the warranty period would be good through September 1, 2020. This is a very good guaranty, as there is usually not a restriction on how many times in those ten years the house changes hands.

As Good as the Company

One other important thing to take into consideration when comparing Kensington window replacement warranties is the establishment that is offering it. If the company that makes your replacement window is not a respectable business, it will be difficult to ensure that your warranty will be honored. Additionally, your warranty is no good to you if the corporation that is giving you the guaranty goes out of business.

Of course there is never any way to fully ensure the company you choose will be around when and if you need them. However, there are certain things you can consider that will make it a real possibility. First, take into account how long the manufacturer has been in business. A corporation that has proven itself in the industry is likely to be around for a greater period of time.

Another way to look into a company is to do some online research. If consumers have been unhappy with the quality of the windows or the service and response they have received when filing a warranty claim, you will likely be able to find evidence of it somewhere on the Internet. Checking with organizations and consumer reports is also a good resource in determining if the manufacturer is the correct choice for your Kensington window replacement.