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Installing Replacement Windows

Last updated on 01/04/2022

Installing replacement windows is the ideal solution if you have old drafty units that are costing you money on heating and air conditioning costs. You can choose to install the new units yourself, or hire a professional contractor to do the installation for you. No matter which you choose you can save money by shopping online and comparing prices on the replacement parts. You can even find the directions on installing new replacements and information on contractors in your area when you shop online.

Window Parts

There are several parts that can become damaged, broken, or just wear out on a window. You may want to consider replacing just the parts you need rather than a complete new replacement window. The window sash is the wood or vinyl section that holds the window in place. It is common for a sash to need replacement, especially on wooden windows. The runner is the piece that holds the sash in place and allows the window to move up and down.

The other parts that will often need to be replaced are the glass, balances, and the rollers. You can purchase window glass that is cut to fit the size of the window you are replacing. If you are installing new replacements that are stained glass, for instance, you can find a wide variety of glass types for the needs you have. The balances and rollers can also easily be purchased online. The balances are a little harder to replace, but the rollers are an easy replacement. Shop online for the parts you need today and save money on the best window replacement units in the process.

Vinyl Window Replacement

If you are planning on installing replacements, you may want to choose vinyl material. Vinyl is the ideal choice for any homeowner who prefers installing replacement windows that will not require maintenance. Vinyl is made out of PVC. It will never rot, warp, or become infested with termites. It will also last for many years without any need of repainting. The paint is mixed in with the material at the factory so it will not fade, chip, or peel.

Vinyl is also an ideal choice for its energy efficiency ratings. Because vinyl frames are made hollow to trap air inside, they provide excellent insulation from the hot and cold air outside. You can also purchase vinyl designs that have double or triple panes which will increase the energy efficiency immensely.

Before installing replacements, you should be sure to ask the provider for Energy Star approved windows. The Energy Star program encourages homeowners installing replacement windows to use energy efficient products. Vinyl has excellent energy efficiency and is most often Energy Star approved. By using these products, you may qualify for a tax rebate or tax credit when you do your taxes. Be sure to talk to a tax professional for more information.

Wood Windows

Installing replacement windows that are wooden is a great idea if you don't mind doing the maintenance. Wooden windows require a great deal more maintenance than the vinyl or aluminum designs. Because wood can warp and rot if not taken care of, you will need to be sure to regularly seal the wood with paint or some other type of sealant. Wood is an excellent insulator. If you have ever felt a wooden sash when the weather is extremely cold outside, you would have noticed that the wood stays at room temperature. This is because wood does not conduct heat or cold.

Before installing replacement windows that are wooden, be sure to ask if the new ones are energy efficient. The energy efficiency of a wooden design can be just as good, as or even better than the vinyl design if they are installed properly. Wooden styles are defiantly better than installing replacement windows that are aluminum.

No matter whether you choose wood or vinyl when installing replacement windows, you will undoubtedly find the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer after installing the new windows. You will love the money it will save you on all of your heating and air conditioning bills, and will appreciate the tax rebates you may qualify for if you use Energy Star approved products. Be sure to ask your provider what type of energy efficiency your windows are rated at before you make your choice.

Installing replacement windows is the perfect solution for either giving your home a whole new look, or to save money on heating and air conditioning costs. If your home is outdated, consider installing a replacement window that is a completely different design than the old one. This is the easiest way to update your home without spending a fortune in the process. Shop online for more information on installing replacement windows in your area today.

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