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Last updated on 01/04/2022

You can install replacement windows on your own if you have the skill and talent. There are plenty of people who measure for window replacements and install their own windows when they do a replacement for their home. Most of these people do pocess basic carpentry skills but there are some novices that have taken on the task and gotten the results that they wanted.

Decide on Your Windows

Before you pick a replacement and work on the install you need to decide on which windows you want to use for your replacement project. There are many different kinds and each of them has their pros and their cons. It is important that you look over each of the products and find out which one is going to give you the best value and the best price.

Look at your home and decide which type of window is going to work the best. You can go into any local store and ask them to help you figure out what replacement product is going to be the best for you. They can help you pick out the windows that you want to install.

How to Install

It is easier than you would think to install the replacement for your windows. You need to stop worrying yourself whenever you are taking on this project. You can do the project and do it so that it looks like a professional worked right alongside you.

The first thing that you need to do is measure the windows to make sure that you install a replacement that is going to fit properly. If you do not measure properly you will not be able to buy the right product to put into that place. Take plenty of time to get the correct measurements so that you can get the right product.

The next thing that you need to do as you install replacement windows is prepare the window opening. You need to remove the inside trim, remove the moldings, and remove the broad chisels which are attached to the window opening. You will need these later so make sure that you place them to the side.

Remove all cords and spring balances from the bottom sash when you are getting ready to install replacement windows. You also need to make sure that you very carefully remove the frame. You do not want to damage the frame of the window or you could create some more serious problems for yourself.

Unscrew the parting stops from the top and the sides of the window so that you can remove the top sash before you install replacement windows. The stop can break easily so you must be careful. You can get more but you do not want to have to go out to the store for unnecessary trips whenever you want to install replacement windows.

If there is an aluminum track that the existing window is on you need to remove it. Make sure that you get the staples out as well. This is very important as you work to install replacement windows.

Now it is time to prepare the frame so that you can finish your work and install replacement windows into your home. You can prepare the frame by sanding and painting. You also need to make sure that empty weight cavities are filled with fiber glass insulation. When you install replacement windows you simply have to cut the weight off of the end and then pull the fiberglass insulation through the cavity of the frame.

The last thing that you need to do is make sure that you add two continuous beads of caulk that go along the frame. You need to then test the window to make sure that it is in place properly. After testing it and finding that it is holding well you can fasten the window with two inch screws. Some people like to put a little bit more caulking on there to make sure that it is held in place. You may also want to paint the window frame over again so that it looks nice and new.

Hiring a Professional

If you find that you are a little bit in over your head trying to install replacement windows there are plenty of professionals right in your area that would be more than happy to help. Make sure that you find someone that is reputable, someone that is not going to charge you unsightly fees. The best way that you can get someone to do the job at the right price is to look online and compare the different prices and services that are available. Whenever you do this you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best. You can use this site to compare different professionals in your area.

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