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How to Install Replacement Windows

Knowing how to install replacement windows can help you decide if you want to go this route when it is time to replace the windows in your home. Many people do not know how to install these products, but a replacement window can be installed by a handy homeowner with the right tools and a good set of instructions. Opting to do it yourself is particularly appropriate if you are only replacing a single window. A whole house full of them may be another story. If you do not mind the time investment, it can be done, but there is always the risk of exposing your home's interior to the outside elements.

No one who is inexperienced in this area of home improvement should ever remove multiple windows at once. Learning how to install replacement windows is something that can be done on the job if you do not mind using your own house as a laboratory. But those who really want to make sure they get great results may just as soon opt to hire an installation company rather than try to learn how to do the work themselves.

Removing an Old Window

Home window replacement involves more than simply putting in the new unit and nailing it into place. First there is the matter of taking out the old one. One of the secrets to replacing a window is to properly preserve and prepare the rough opening to receive it. To this end, it is important to be very careful in taking out that old rickety frame. Some people do not realize how much damage they can do by roughly removing the old unit. But there are many ways you can create more work than is necessary, such as disturbing the exterior siding or trim and damaging the interior drywall.

Learning how to install replacement windows is all about being careful. Take out the old window all in the same direction, whichever will be easiest to repair after the fact (toward the inside or outside). Once you have the entire frame out, you can inspect the rough opening and get a more precise measurement. Make sure to do this, double checking the rough opening to make sure it can accommodate the new unit before you start the install. Better to find out sooner that you need to modify the opening than after you've already racked the best replacement windows money can buy.

Installing a New Replacement Window

Replace window insulation that may be around the rough opening as you install the new one. To install new replacement windows, follow the manufacturer's directions. Often there will be a nailing flange on the outer edge; or, you will need to run screws through the frame into the studs on either side and on the top. Either way, figuring out how to install replacement windows as you go can be very challenging. If you know how to install them, replacement window cost can be cheaper. But a small cost savings is not worth it if you are unsure how to install replacement windows and you end up making a mistake.

Windows are not the most difficult home improvement projects to take on. But they have to be installed very carefully for them to work properly. They need to be plumb and square in every direction. They need to be shimmed properly in order to help hold them in place. And windows must be installed according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Advantages of Hiring Window Installers

If you do not know how to install replacement windows, it is usually better to trust in a qualified and experienced installer. A company or individual specializing in this type of work will invariably be able to out a whole house full of them in the time it takes for most of us mere mortals to put in just one window. They are much less likely to run into problems than are homeowners because they have seen it all and they know how to install replacement windows of every style on any home.

Professional installs also come with warranties, a key feature that you obviously do not get when you do it yourself. If a unit does not quite seal right when it is shut, or if is racked or otherwise damaged, the replacement window company will come in and repair or replace it as needed. This kind of assurance is very important, especially given the long term nature of this investment.

Those who wish to learn how to install replacement windows should proceed with their plans with caution. Every install is different and unknown variables can get in the way of your success. Learn how to install replacement windows by reading online and determine whether you can handle the job.