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Horizontal Slider Window Replacement

Deciding to go with horizontal slider windows for your replacement window installation is a fine choice. Some people don't exactly know what a horizontal slider window is. These sliders are basically double hung windows turned on their sides. They slide side to side instead of up and down. They are nice for certain applications such as when the window rough opening is plenty wide but not all that tall. A great horizontal slider window and a nice, deep sill give you a great view of the yard and a wonderful location for a potted plant to get some sun.

Slider a Versatile Window Type

For applications where that rough opening is wider than it is tall, horizontal sliders are really the best choice for most homeowners because they give you a cost effective option for a window that can be screened and is low maintenance. These windows are more versatile than others. The slider window can be used in almost any location throughout a home. They are just as appropriate in a bathroom as they are in a living room or kitchen. Their versatility makes them a very useful choice when it comes time to decide which types to place in which locations throughout the home. They also work great in combinations as well.

There are many benefits to using horizontal slider windows for your window replacement. They have the advantage of being available in larger sizes, unlike some other choices. And they can also save you money in a window replacement situation. In areas of a home when you might need two or more of some other window types, you could opt for just one horizontal slider and open up the wall to let in more sunlight while also savings money on material costs. Sliders are versatile enough to deal with most applications. They are an option homeowners can seemingly always turn to in difficult situations, either due to spatial or monetary concerns.

Sliders Very Easy to Clean

Slider windows are extremely easy to clean. Like double hung windows, they can be cleaned from the inside of the home, so there is no need to get outside and risk injury on ladders to get the outside of your windows cleaned up. Ventilation is a breeze with these windows as well. You can control the air flow in an open window from just the tiniest crack all the way up to half the width of the window. They can also be screened on the inside or the outside of the window to help keep bugs out when the windows are opened. Opening and closing them is easy because in doing so, you are not actually lifting anything. In fact, they are sometimes called glider windows because of the ease of opening and shutting them.

Different Varieties of Horizontal Sliders

There are a few different varieties even within the horizontal window style. One of them is the double slider. In this style of window, both sashes of the window are able to slide past one another horizontally. Single sliders have one sash either on the left side or the right that is moveable, while the other one is non operable and is merely fixed in place.

All in all, horizontal slider windows are a nice low cost option for window replacement projects. They can come in many sizes, which make them versatile. Like double hung windows, they are more prone to drafts than hinged windows with compression seals. Horizontal slider windows are a very good low cost product choice for many different residential home window replacement applications.