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Hopper Windows

Last updated on 02/05/2022

Looking for something a little different than a traditional window? Something with easy ventilation? If so, it might be time to invest in hopper windows.

But what is a hopper window, anyway? And what makes it different from other windows in your home?

Here's a look at everything you need to know about hopper windows, including when it's time to get your windows spruced up.

What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window is a type of window made with a hinge on the bottom or the top. Rather than sliding the window up or down to open it, you would open the window inward, toward the room.

Because of this, your ventilation control works differently on a hopper window. On a typical window, for example, you would control the airflow based on how far up or down you open the window. With a hopper window, you can either open it a little or a lot.

This also means that hopper windows are quite easy to use. You don't have to fight with the window in its frame. You just pull the latch.

Common Hopper Window Sizes

Hopper windows can come in any size that a regular single-pane or double-pane window could. Measurements will include things like:

Generally, though, hopper windows are smaller than regular windows. You'll often see maximum sizes around 50" x 30".

Cost of Hopper Windows

Like other windows, the cost of hopper windows is based on things like:

You also have the option for single-hung or double-hung hopper windows. As a rule, the larger the window, the more material it requires, and the more it will cost you.

Benefits of Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows in a Basement

Hopper windows are most often used as basement windows, though they can be used elsewhere in your home as well. Since they don't open wide enough to fit a person, an intruder can't use them to enter your home unnoticed.

In addition, while hopper windows are easy to open, they're surprisingly effective insulators. Like casement and awning windows, they press tightly into the frame when closed, which means they seal more effectively than other windows. It also makes them easier to seal in winter.

On the flip side, hopper windows are an excellent choice to increase airflow and reduce humidity in areas where moisture tends to accumulate—like your basement or your bathroom.

Signs You Need Hopper Window Replacement

If you already have hopper windows and love them, you're one step ahead of other homeowners! But remember, hopper windows don't last forever. And if you've had your hopper windows for a while, it might be time for replacements.

Here's the good news: your windows will let you know when it's time for an upgrade. You just have to know what to look for.

Broken or Damaged Seals

If your window seal is broken or damaged, it's a clear sign that it's time to get your window repaired or replaced. As soon as the seal breaks, your windows are far less efficient, which means there's a lot of heat or cold air slipping through the cracks.

Fortunately, broken or damaged seals are easy to spot. If you see condensation between your window panes, the seal isn't working anymore, and it's time to replace your windows.

Also, keep in mind that it doesn't take much damage for significantly less energy efficiency. You'll see the result in your electric bill.

Rising Heating and Cooling Bills

And speaking of rising electric bills, if you notice that you're inexplicably paying more for heating or cooling, it might be time to investigate your windows as the culprit.

Your windows aren't there just to let in sunlight (though that's a significant benefit). They also help trap warm or cool air inside your home. And if you have older windows, especially single-pane ones, your money may be slipping through the cracks—literally.

If you're not sure whether your window is at the end of its lifespan, check the material and installation date. Windows have longer or shorter lifespans based on their material, though you lose performance every time there's a storm.

And if you see any signs of damage to the window, it doesn't matter if it's brand new. It needs to be replaced.

Drawing of a hopper window

Operational Issues

Hopper windows are supposed to be quite easy to open—all you have to do is pull the latch. But if your window opens with a lot of resistance, it might be time for a replacement.

It's not just a question of convenience. Your window was designed to open easily. If it doesn't, there's a deeper problem at work. It could be a tight screw, or it could be a larger structural issue.

Either way, something isn't working, and you need to get it fixed.

Your Expert Hopper Window Replacement Services

There are a lot of great reasons to install hopper windows. For instance, if your basement is in need of new windows, hopper windows might just be the perfect fit for you. Fortunately, you're in the right place to find the perfect windows.

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