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Home Window Repair

Home window repair can increase the value of your home and save you money on the heating and cooling bills. If you have noticed that your windows are in need of repair, shop online to get the parts you need at a price you can afford. No matter whether you are looking for screens, glass, or hardware, you can do a home window repair much cheaper than a replacement.

Do you have a home with old style windows that add to the character of the house? Have you noticed that the windows are in desperate need of repair but you are having difficulty finding the parts you need? If so, you will be glad to know that you can find a wide array of hard to find parts when you shop online. From antique handles, to replacement springs, the pieces you need to fix your old windows are available online - and with the right insurance, you may even qualify for free window replacement.

Window Glass Replacement

The glass is one of the biggest items that most home window repair projects need. If the glass in your windows has been broken, you may want to consider replacing the pane rather than the entire window. Luckily, you will find a wide array of glass styles and sizes to fit the needs you have online. You will be able to choose from energy efficient glass styles to replacement panes for insulated glass.

Another new home window repair glass that is available is stained glass pieces that you may purchase to match a piece that is broken. In years past, if a stained glass window had a piece missing, the entire unit had to be replaced. Today, you may find stained glass sections that can be used to replace one small piece, or several sections of an old stained glass design. These pieces are available in hundreds of styles and colors and can be cut to fit the design you have.

You may also find etched glass that will provide your home an elegant look. If your old window is broken, consider updating it with glass that has an etched border or even an etched picture. This will enhance the look of any room and will give you a beautiful new addition to any home.

Screen Repair

Another popular home window repair item is the screen. Once a screen starts to deteriorate, the chance for your home to fill with mosquitoes and other bugs will increase quickly. If you notice that the screens on your windows need to be repaired or replaced, you will find the parts and supplies you need by shopping online. You will even be able to find the home window repair tools you need to replace the screen with.

To cover a rip or tear in a screen, purchase a new section of screen from an online dealer. Cut a piece that is large enough to cover the hole and overlap on all four sides. Remove a few of the wires from each side and save them for later. Bend the wires on each side of the patch to a ninety degree angle and place them through the damaged screen around the hole. Bend the wires back against the backside and then thread the saved wires through the patch to secure it in place.

A patch on a screen is only a temporary home window repair until you can replace the entire screen. You may replace the screens in windows in several different ways. There are replacement kits that can be purchased which give you all of the necessary material to build one yourself, or you can purchase one that is a complete unit made to fit a specific window size.

Replacement Kits

There are many different types of home window repair kits available. The three most common are the sash, full frame, and insert. The sash kit replaces the moving parts. The full frame repair replacement is a complete unit including the frame. This unit is ideal when the existing frame cannot be repaired.

The insert kit is also a fully assembled unit, but this one is made to fit inside the frame of your old one. This unit is one of the easiest to install but it can only be used if the existing frame is square. You will notice a slight difference in the size of the viewing area out the panes when you use an insert because you are putting one window inside another.

A home window repair can be done in a variety of ways. No matter what type of repair you do on your home's windows, you will undoubtedly increase the energy efficiency of the home as well as the value. No matter what type of material you need for the repair project, you will find an amazing array of available items at incredibly low prices when you shop online.