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Hancock Park Window Replacement In Los Angeles, California

Last updated on 11/15/2019

So you've decided to order Hancock Park window replacement for your Hancock Park, CA home. Now it's time to decide what type of frame to order. Replacement frames come in a large variety, and it can be tough to know which type works best for your needs. Let's review the options that are available.

Vinyl and Aluminum Hancock Park Window Replacement Frames

Los Angeles vinyl window frames are the most commonly sold for many reasons. First, They are inexpensive. They are easy to clean and maintain. They will not warp or chip and they don't show scratches. They would be a good choice for your Hancock Park window replacement.

What are the drawbacks, you ask? First, they cannot be painted. Traditionally they only come in white, so there is no changing your mind. If you buy them for your Hancock Park home, the only way to change colors is to change windows. These windows however are a good choice, and if you do not mind being stuck with white window frames they are probably your best bet for inexpensive window replacement.

Aluminum frames are also inexpensive. Like vinyl, they are low maintenance, and won't chip or warp. You can paint aluminum frames, which makes them a little more versatile than vinyl ones. However, they are not as energy efficient as other types of frames, so they may not be worth the money you will spend on your Hancock Park window replacement.

Cellular PVC, Composite, and Steel Replacement Frames

Cellular PVC frames are inexpensive, energy efficient and strong. They are a very good choice for your Hancock Park window frames. They insulate better than vinyl, and are also stronger and more lightweight than vinyl. These frames are relatively new to the scene, so there is not a lot of long term data available as to whether or not they last as compared to the other types of frames. These frames however would be a good choice for a home in the Hancock Park area.

Steel frames are very strong. They are very difficult to damage, can withstand extremes in weather and wear better than any other types of window frames. However, they have many drawbacks. First, they are very expensive. Secondly, they are not very energy efficient, as they allow a lot of heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer.

Additionally, they cannot be painted. For all of these reasons, and based on the fact that California weather is not extreme, you may not want to opt for steel frames when ordering your Hancock Park window replacement.

Composite frames are an interesting alternative. These are frames made out of alternative California window materials such as fiberglass. Composite frames are very versatile. Like steel frames, they can handle extreme temperatures. They are also very good for humid climates like those in the Hancock Park, CA area. Composite frames will not crack or warp like the other frame types are known to do. They can be painted, however they have a higher chance of warping or chipping if they are. They come in many colors, however so they don't really need painting. These would be a good frame choice for your Hancock Park window replacement.

Wood or Clad Wood Replacement Frames

Wood window framing is a classic look when considering Hancock Park window replacement. Wood is a good alternative for a Los Angeles homeowner that is trying to maintain an historic look to his or her home. Replacement wood frames are expensive, however and it is necessary to buy those made of a good quality wood or they will not last. Wood frames need regular maintenance and are vulnerable to damage from termites.

Many Hancock Park window manufacturers now offer replacement wood frames that are clad in aluminum or vinyl, which helps to protect them from weather damage. These Hancock Park window replacement frames are strong on the outside like the aluminum and steel frames, but wood on the inside so the effect is the same as all wood. This is a more expensive option, but they will last longer and need less maintenance than their all wood counterparts. These windows are also very good insulators, so while they are more expensive it might be worth the extra cost up front if they will save you money on energy bills.

One other benefit of wood and wood clad frames is that they can be painted or stained to fit your fancy. The only drawback to this is that once you have painted or stained them, they require more periodic maintenance. So, it might be more cost effective for you to leave them with a natural finish. Wood is always a good choice, and if you can swing the upfront cost, the clad wood option is probably the best choice frame for your Hancock Park window replacement.

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